3 Beauty Treatments It’s Smarter To Do Before Summer

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Winter – the time of year where we swap our swimmers for our scarves and keep our bodies well hidden away from the elements (and from the human eye).  After all who can be bothered with hair removal when nobody can see it, right? Not really!

Winter is perfect for committing to beauty treatments that normally requires several sessions for optimal results, come with some downtime and are not ideal for summer when you’re baring a lot of skin.

This year, spare yourself some last-minute stress and book-in for these beauty treatments so you’re ready when summer rolls around.

1. Laser Hair Removal

Since you need to avoid sun exposure throughout the course of laser treatments and you’re usually covered up in layers during the cooler season, winter is the best time to commit to a course of laser treatments. Come beach season, you’ll be bikini-ready with smooth, hair-free skin. Generally 8-10 sessions (depending on your skin and hair type) of laser hair removal is recommended, spaced five weeks apart, to obtain the best results.

2. Pigmentation Removal

Pesky pigmentation starting to appear? At You By Sia we use a combination of cosmeceutical-grade skincare and advanced laser technology to address pigmentation. During and post treatment  the skin will be far more susceptible to sun damage as the laser treatment and skincare will gently remove the pigmented skin, leaving a fresh, clear and initially delicate canvas. As you spend less time outdoors during winter, now is the best time to address pigmentation issues. Suitability for laser treatment is determined based on skin colour, and typically we will be unable to treat individuals with medium to olive skin tone, or darker. If this applies to you, read below for an alternative method.

3. Skin Needling

From pigmentation to anti-ageing, acne and scarring, skin needling is designed to treat a myriad of targeted skin concerns on all skin types and tones. The results can be as effective as laser or chemical resurfacing treatments – without the risk of hyperpigmentation or long amounts downtime. Although skin needling doesn’t cause discomfort or damage to the surface of the skin, your face may appear slightly red in the two or three days after treatment, followed by slight flaking. During this time, we recommend you stay out of the sun to avoid UV damage and you may want to stay incognito, making winter the perfect time to book in, enhance your skin and of course – start your new favourite series. Orange is the new black, anyone?

For further information on our laser hair removal, pigmentation removal, skin needing or cosmeceutical-grade skincare at You By Sia contact one of our six clinics based in Sydney CBD, Burwood, Parramatta, St.Ives, Bondi Junction & Castle Hill.

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