3 Essential Winter Anti-Ageing Treatments for Women (& the Men in Your Life)

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Anti-ageing skin rejuvenation is a winter activity too

In Winter, cold temperatures outside and warm inside can play havoc for skin trying to look young, hydrated and fresh-looking, so fighting the good fight against ageing is doubly difficult. Regardless of whether you are a woman or man, you want to look your youthful best, so read on for these three essential anti-ageing treatments:

1. Moisturise your neck

My Aunt always told me that you could tell the age of anyone by the skin on their elbows, neck and hands. I’m not so sure about that but the take-out is really that we all need to look after the skin all over our body, not just what we think others are looking at. We often dutifully remove makeup and visible dirt from our faces but often forget the neck area, which builds up just as much pollution and UVA and UVB damage. The skin on your neck and upper chest is more delicate than that on the rest of your body so it is best for anti-ageing to treat the area around your collarbones and above with the same skincare and treatments as your face.

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Women: The night cream that you use is perfectly suitable for your neck except if you have oily skin or are using a lightweight moisturiser, which may not be effective in winter anyway. The neck has less oil glands than the face, so requires more hydration.

Men: Adams’ apples look so good bumping out of freshly shaved and moisturised skin – if you only want to use one basic product then that is better than nothing at all.

To address this, try Alleviate PM, a topical evening treatment that helps reduce the appearance of skin redness and inflammation, particularly associated with rosacea and environmental sensitivity like skin intolerance to wild winter winds.

Size: 50mL / RRP $155.00 Buy Now

You By Sia Alleviate-AM-50ml

2. Minimise fine lines and dark circles around your eyes

As we age, our skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner through an inability to regenerate itself. Genes also play a big part in whether the veins in that area of your face have a predisposition to be more prominent or darkly coloured than other people, contributing to the dark circles under your eyes. Dark circles can also be caused or exacerbated by fluid buildup below the eyes from illness, allergies or fluid retention from excessive salt consumption. Either way it is not looking good, so what can you do to minimise the fine lines and dark circles around your eyes?

Women: Fine lines and dark circles around the eyes can be aided in part by drinking 6 glasses or more of water every day. Water makes the complexion more buoyant and flushes out toxins that gather in the eye sockets.

Men: If you have bags (or suitcases) under your eyes, stop rubbing them if you have an allergy; do not sleep on your stomach as your fluids pool downwards (gravity!); and check any medications you may be on relating to blood vessel dilation (which could be affecting your eyes).

To complement the information above, try REVIVE, You By Sia’s dark circle eye serum, specifically formulated to increase circulation for dark circles and the reduction of fine lines around the eyes. It can also be applied to support extremely damaged skin, specifically following laser.

Size: 50mL / RRP $195.00 Buy Now


3. Cosmetically whiten your teeth: it will take years off your face!

An essential treatment that will brighten your whole complexion is cosmetic teeth whitening, which will lighten teeth by up to nine shades, in as little as two sessions without sensitivity. Keeping teeth in great shape prevents gum disease and other problems, sessions are reasonably priced and remove stains to return teeth to their natural shade, without bleaching.

Women: Teeth whitening is ideal for individuals that already have healthy teeth and gums but are seeking a whiter, more vibrant smile.

Men: Each treatment takes 40 minutes, so you could do it in your lunch break! Do not smoke, but especially do not smoke 24 hours after treatment because it will restain your teeth

How does teeth whitening work?
Sydney skin specialists You By Sia exclusively use Bleach Bright, a European whitening agent that is quick, effective and non-invasive. Bleach Bright can assist in diminishing stains and discolouration caused by ageing, smoking and frequent consumption of red wine, coffee and tea.

Combining carbamide peroxide and an additional natural whitener, this formula penetrates the tooth enamel, effectively oxidising and lifting discolouration. Our clinics use an exclusive photo-pixelated silicone mouth guard and an LED blue light to activate the whitening formula and ensure faster, more effective results.

  • Do not: eat dark-coloured food for a few weeks after treatment as dark soups, broths and chocolate can stain your teeth and leave a dark residue
  • Do: have a dental checkup before your teeth whitening session. Brush and floss regularly, standard dental hygiene is still necessary and can help prolong white and shiny teeth

Each session costs $190.00 with immediate results, and better results with each treatment session. Book Now

You By Sia Teeth Before and After Whitening. Oral Care

Anti-ageing requires all-year-round focus for you (and the men in your life) – here is to looking fantastic!

Neck, eye and teeth care are all peripheral to the overall look of your face but youth is more than a combination of unlined skin – it is the sum total of how we look, think and act. Keeping your anti-ageing skincare in winter simple by using good products and specific treatments maintains radiant skin and youthful confidence for you – and the men in your life.

For further information about You By Sia’s personalised treatment plans, contact them at one of six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Castle Hill and Bondi Junction.

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