4 Post-Baby Body Tips

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Thanks to ‘yummy mummy’ celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively, there is now much pressure to spring back into your pre-baby figure weeks after birth. Although diet and exercise play key roles to get your body back in shape, I’ll share all my little tips to help you along the way…

1. The Fight Against Cellulite
During pregnancy, there is surge in the production of estrogen, a hormone that encourages the body to store fat. On top of the natural weight gain of pregnancy, cellulite is often a common side effect of pregnancy – and one which tends to hang around long after giving birth. Although exercise and increasing your water intake are great ways to minimise the ‘orange peel’ effect, there are treatments designed to help with cellulite just that little bit more.
If you struggle with cellulite, I recommend a course of cellulite reduction treatment to diminish those dimples. We use advanced multi-polar radio frequencies and magnetic pulses to direct controlled heat to compounded fat cells, quickly altering the stubborn fat inside the cells into liquid form, shrinking the fat cells. This process also induces the skin’s natural healing , sending collagen and elastin to the structural layer to help cell renewal and firm your skin.

2. Say Goodbye To Loose Skin
Women commonly experience excess skin after pregnancy, and unfortunately no amount of exercise seems to help with this. At You By Sia, we’ve developed a skin tightening treatment that delivers a small amount of controlled heat to the deeper layers of your skin, boosting the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the two main pillars of the skins structure, so a boost from skin tightening treatments help to repair and rejuvenate the skin, improving the appearance of stretched or sagging skin.

3. No Time To Shave? No Worries!
After nappy changing, feeding and the 4am starts, finding the time to shave your legs becomes less and less of a priority! Once you complete a course of laser hair removal treatment , you won’t have to worry about pesky regrowth for about 6 months, making your razor or wax kit a thing of the past.

4. Punish Pigmentation! 
During pregnancy, many women find that their skin can change in unexpected ways – and pigmentation can suddenly become an issue you’ve never had before. With all the changes going on in your body, it’s no wonder that these changes also happen on the outside too. Pigmentation during pregnancy is caused by hormone fluctuations and you may find the symptoms disappear once the baby is born. If you continue to experience pigmentation post-pregnancy, you should consider pigmentation removal treatment. Our pigmentation removal system uses a hybrid of advanced laser technology and active cosmeceuticals to bring pigmentation to the surface of the skin, and the pigmented skin crusts over and gently sheds over the following days, leaving you with brighter, more even.

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