5 Facts You Need to Know About Pigmentation

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Do you have brown spots, freckles or dark patches on your skin? These blemishes are known as pigmentation, and can cause your skin to look a lot older than it is. Here are five facts about pigmentation, and my tips on pigmentation treatment to halt it for the long run.

1. What is pigmentation?
Pigmentation is the result of excessive melanin production in the skin, and is seen on the skin’s surface as patches that are darker than the surrounding skin. These patches are usually flat, as the hyperpigmentation sits within the top layer of skin, however visible on the surface.

2. Who gets pigmentation?
Pigmentation occurs in people of all skin tones and types, however those with darker skin are generally more prone to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation opposed to freckles.

3. What are the main causes of pigmentation?
Pigmentation stems from a number of factors, but the two primary causes are excessive sun exposure and hormonal changes which branch from pregnancy and birth control. Other factors, like acne scarring, vitamin deficiencies and medications which cause photosensitivity also play large roles in the pigmentation process.

4. What are the main types of pigmentation?

There are three key types of pigmentation to look out for:

• Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – This type of pigmentation occurs following skin damage, trauma or wounding, like acne scarring or burns.

• Melasma – This type of pigmentation is caused by hormonal changes, and is very common during pregnancy and throughout the use of the birth control pill.

• UV Damage – UVA and UVB light stimulates melanocyte activity, causing it to produce excessive amounts of melanin in order to protect the skin cells from photo damage activity.

5. What are the common treatment options for pigmentation?

A) Pigmentation Removal Treatment
The You By Sia Pigmentation Removal Treatment uses advanced laser technology and active cosmeceuticals to address visible signs of pigmentation on the face and body. It drives heat through laser pulses targeting the pigmented skin, causing it to crust at the surface. This allows pigmentation triggered by UV damage and Melasma to eventually graze over and shed away. When this process is combined with our specially formulated pigment inhibitor serums, we have the perfect recipe for success! This treatment is not suitable for those prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

B) Inside Out Peels
Second up, we have the not so traditional ‘Inside Out Peel’. Unlike other skin peels on the market, we are proud to say that our signature peels are not formulated with harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. It combines a range of potent cosmeceuticals with our leading dermal sonic technology to gently drive natural, high potency ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. This prompts collagen and elastin production to regenerate and resurface the skin from the inside out.

C) Cosmeceutical-Grade Skincare.
Choosing cosmecutical-grade skincare instead of mass market formulas means your skin receives a richer selection of pigment fighting ingredients. When ingredients such as vitamins and antioxidants are applied to the skin topically, they assist with resurfacing and address pigmentation from all angels. By using potent formulas you will help protect, prevent and repair all signs of skin damage, like pigmentation, fine lines and dehydration. Most products on the market don’t include active ingredients, which the skin needs to remain healthy and clear. At You By Sia, we also offer a physical sunscreen to compliment your skincare routine, helping to protect your skin from further UV damage.

How is You By Sia’s approach different to other pigmentation services?
Many brands on the market believe that pigmentation sufferers should use harsh and abrasive products to decrease or remove pigmentation. I believe we need to work with the skin – not against it. If the skin is damaged from pigmentation, it needs nourishment and nurturing to repair it. Although you see pigmentation on the surface layer of the skin, it is produced just beneath it. This means you need to treat these deeper layers to see effective and long lasting results.

For more information on pigmentation removal at You By Sia click here to contact one of our four clinics based in Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD, St.Ives and Castle Hill.

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