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If you’re considering Laser Hair Removal to reduce unsightly or embarrassing hair, consider this: Are small prices always as good as they seem? Laser is not always a sure result and it takes a lot of training, experience and ongoing machine maintenance to ensure impressive results. Unfortunately Hair Removal Lasers do not work like cameras which quite simply point and shoot. Laser results can be remarkable and take a huge weight off your shoulders, however if you’re treated incorrectly the results can be disappointing and more importantly dangerous.

1. How Was Your Clinician Trained To Use This Machine?
Once your clinician is fully certified in Laser Hair Removal they will ideally be trained by the specific laser machine’s manufacturer as well. If not, they should have been trained by a Clinic manager or fellow staff member on that specific piece of machinery. Either way, your clinician should be confident in their answer. If you don’t feel comfortable with their level of knowledge, you can always ask to be treated by a more experienced clinician or go elsewhere.

2. How Many Procedures Have You Performed?
The best way to gauge your Clinician’s performance is to question their experience. The more treatments your Clinician has performed the more familiar they will be with the process and what’s going to work best for you.

3. Do I Need To Wear Any Safety Equipment While Being Treated?
Most laser clinics require the clinician and the client to wear safety glasses during the treatment. If you are not offered a pair of glasses, you should request them to protect your eyes. If the clinician still does not provide them, you should find an alternative clinic where your safety is seen as a higher priority.

4. How Often Is This Machine Cleaned?
Any parts of machinery that come into contact with your body should be cleaned and disinfected between clients. Infections and diseases can be spread through a machine that hasn’t been cleaned properly, so it’s important that you say something if you’re not comfortable. At You By Sia we pride ourselves on a clean clinic all round, this ranges from our clinic interiors, our staff and most importantly our equipment.

5. What Are The Aftercare Instructions?
Most reputable clinics will recommend some type of aftercare for you to use on the treated area to cool it and reduce redness. Your clinician should be able to recommend aftercare that’s tailored for you based on the treatment that was performed and how well your body handled it. At You by Sia, we apply a post-laser lotion called to help calm and soothe the skin following Laser treatment.

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