5 Simple Skin Care Tips to shine at your School Formal

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5 Simple Skin Care Tips to shine at your School Formal

Skin care is probably the last thing on your mind with the HSC tests starting, part-time jobs and the School Formal approaching. You want to be as confident and glamorous as possible for it, so starting with these 5 simple skin care tips from Sydney skin specialists You By Sia to make sure you are glowing and radiant in the best possible way on the night!

Tip 5 – Book a check-up with your You by Sia skin specialist

Even if your skin does not have any serious situations to manage, this is still a good time to book in with your You by Sia skin specialist for a complexion check-up. There is still enough time to change your diet or skin management plan to get the best result on your School Formal day. Why leave anything to chance?

Through performing thousands of treatments, Sia believes that every regime should start with a thorough skin analysis – focusing on the skin’s structure and anatomy, looking past the surface layers to understand how treatments can be improved for better results.

Tip 4 – Address acne and pimples before the school formal

Acne and pimples are caused by several factors but no matter the cause, you want to get rid of them before your school formal so you can feel and look your very best. Hormonal imbalances affect the appearance of pimples: when they appear around the sides of the mouth, just above the chin, hormones are to blame. When blemishes appear in the middle of the chin, poor gut health and diet are to blame. Read these factors below to see if you can minimise skin problems before your school formal:

  • Don’t touch your face during the day – don’t spread bacteria around your face by touching blemishes. Easy fix, but stay mindful about touching your face and keep sanitising your hands to stop the spread of bacteria.
  • Balance your diet – if you are eating more processed foods and sugars as a substitute for your normal diet, or you are doing it from stress or absentmindedness, time to stop. Drink more water and herbal teas to flush your system and eat fibre (found in vegetables and cereals) to help your intestinal health improve. Try You By Sia’s Digestive Enzymes, a powerful blend of digestive enzymes that can support the body in breaking down food and absorbing essential nutrients. It can also assist with food intolerances and IBS. Each bottle contains 120 capsules.
  • Cut out any food allergies – if a food is triggering your skin then it may appear as redness, itchiness, swelling or pimples. The body can tell you which food may be doing this to your face, so try cutting out the food for a few weeks leading up to the school formal so it doesn’t affect your skin on the night.
  • Make up – see Tips 3 and 1 below for You By Sia products that work with your skin care, not against it. You By Sia Mineral Makeup products are mineralised and prevent breakouts because they are non-comedogenic (they won’t clog your pores).


You By Sia Digestive N-zyme

You By Sia Digestive N-zyme

Tip 3 – Get rid of dark circles under your eyes

There are two reasons for dark circles under your eyes – lifestyle and genetics. Hopefully you have great genetics gifted to you, but lifestyle is something you can review and update before the formal. Check that you are getting all the required minerals and vitamins to perform in the lead-up to your school formal, then look into how much sleep you get or stress you are experiencing could be the next step to rectify.

It is debatable as to how much each individual needs to sleep, but around 8 hours is the regular amount required to get a good night’s sleep.

Stress is a much less obvious factor in why the dark circles are appearing. You know that checking how busy you are and slowing down a bit, exercising more instead of going out, and trying to be more peaceful are all true for this time of year.



If you need a little help to remove dark circles, then try Masqued, You By Sia’s miracle cover-up concealer. It uses light diffusing minerals to soften and camouflage blemishes, dark circles, tired skin, redness and capillaries. Size: 8g

You By Sia Masqued

You By Sia Masqued

Tip 2 – Laser Hair Removal on the Body

Your skin should look silky smooth and hair-free, giving you the confidence to bare – or show off – your formal dress style once unsightly hair is removed. Other treatments such as bleaching, waxing and shaving are short-term and time-consuming, so why not invest in a professional and more permanent solution such as laser hair removal?

The procedure itself is quick and painless with long lasting results that far outweigh traditional hair removal options. You can expect noticeable hair reduction in as little as 8-10 sessions thanks to our world class laser technology.

Our targeted laser technology uses a beam of light to target hair follicles in your selected area, leaving the surrounding section unaffected. As the follicles become weaker, hair growth lessens and eventuates in smooth, hair free skin.

After a pre-treatment consultation to determine the results you can expect from treatment, your experienced technician will establish your skin type, hair type and the area you wish to target. From there, they can create a customised procedure plan, including the recommended number of treatments for optimum results.

Check out our latest deals and promotions on laser hair removal for the body below.


October’s You By Sia Laser Hair Removal Offer

Tip 1 – Professional Make-up look with Complexion Domes

On the night you will need to be using make-up you have tried and trust not to cause any breakouts – there will be other things to worry about. Matching your skin type and colour is the key to looking good in photographs, so test your complexion beforehand to make sure the product used matches exactly.

You By Sia has formulated a range of finely-milled mineral foundations to suit a variety of complexions and skin types. Beautifully blended with light refracting technology to illuminate skin and provide an even, buildable coverage, Complexion Domes create a flawless, breathable finish for all day wear. With added sun protection and natural botanicals, Complexion Domes are suited to even the most sensitive skin types. Available in 5 perfectly baked shades. Size: 8g


You By Sia Complexion Dome shown in Limestone

You By Sia Complexion Dome shown in Limestone

For further information contact You By Sia at one of our six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

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