5 Ways To Banish Skin Pigmentation

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Do you battle with sun spots, brown patches or large freckles on your face, neck or hands? We call these unusually darkened areas in the skin ‘pigmentation’. Unfortunately, this concern gets more common as we age, due to the continuous depletion of collagen and elastin within our skin. Pigmentation not only causes our skin to appear blemished and flawed, but often causes us to appear older too.

As Australians, we all love living in such a sun-filled country – but this can wreak havoc on our skin if we don’t protect it correctly. So, what causes skin pigmentation? There are four main factors contributing factors:

• General sun exposure and sun damage.
• Broken or damaged skin
• Hormonal changes
• Certain medication such as antibiotics and hormone treatments

The main contributor to skin pigmentation is sun exposure. As UV rays penetrate the skin, your body releases melanin to protect the cells from sun damage. Melanin production goes into overdrive with excessive exposure to the sun, which can cause clusters of pigment. These clusters are most often referred to as freckles, sun spots or age spots.

Whatever your skin type or tone, chances are you want it to be even, glowing and flawless – so here are 5 of my top tips to prevent skin pigmentation:

3 products to prevent and treat pigmentation:

Vitamin-rich skincare. Try and use products that can infuse your skin with vitamins, especially Vitamins C & A. These vitamins help to improve the skin’s elasticity and encourages collagen production, aiding the skin’s overall resilience to pigmentation. For example, all of You By Sia’s skincare product harness an array of vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and active ingredients that benefit the skin.

Sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is crucial to preventing pigmentation. Be sure to select one with at least SPF 30, and apply sunscreen every day (even if it doesn’t look sunny out), and try to avoid any unnecessary exposure to the sun if you can. You can also read my blog post on the types of sunscreens to avoid if you have problem or acne-prone skin.

Refresh. Skin discolouration is also caused by dead surface cells, so it’s important to gently resurface the top layer of skin regularly. To start treating pigmentation from home, try using the You By Sia Erase Mask once a week to gently resurface the top layer of skin, for a smoother and more even complexion.

Recommended Treatments:

Pigmentation Removal – This treatment targets the appearance of darkened lesions with laser pulses. This causes it to crust on the surface, and your skin then sheds these cells approximately 2 weeks after treatment. At You By Sia, our pigmentation removal treatment uses a hybrid of active cosmeuticals and laser technology, to target pigmentation, leaving the healthy surrounding skin unaffected.

Inside Out Peels – Unlike traditional peels, I don’t believe in using chemical or harsh chemicals that can damage the skin. At You By Sia, our Inside Out Peels combine cosmeceutical-grade products with our Dermal Sonic Technology to infuse and drive natural, potent ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin. Sonic frequencies prompt the production of collagen and elastin, regenerating and resurfacing the skin to gently remove pigmentation.

Dermal Sonic Facials – Our Dermal Sonic Facials are a great way to refresh and renew an uneven complexion. This treatment uses powerful active ingredients and non-abrasive dermal sonic technology to smooth the skin, outperforming harsh and damaging microdermabrasion, These You By Sia signature facials allow active ingredients to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, treating pigmentation without downtime or redness.

For more information on You By Sia products and services, click here or contact one of our five clinics based in Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD, St.Ives and Castle Hill.

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