6 Ways To Prevent Wrinkles Forming

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Our skin undergoes lots of changes as we age. As the fat, collagen and elastin in our skin breaks down over time, you’ll see more fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots start to crop up.

No need to panic, here are some of the best ways to keep those wrinkles at bay:

Be Diligent With Sun Protection

The absolute best way to minimise the formation of wrinkles is to always wear sunscreen, every single day—rain or shine. I recommend a physical sunscreen product (learn how they’re better than chemical sunscreens) with at least 20% zinc for sufficient protection from UVA and UVB rays. Try the You By Sia Minc for a complexion protector and hydrator in one.

To take it a step further, opt for mineral makeup over conventional products. Mineral makeup foundations and powders double up as physical sunscreen. Although it shouldn’t be relied on for complete sun protection, every little bit helps in deflecting the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Use Upward Motions

When applying your serum or sun protection, always apply it in an upward motion. So many of us apply skincare with downward motions, but this means we’re pulling down on our skin – encouraging wrinkles and sagging skin.

Sleep On A Silk Pillow

Ever seen creases on your face when you get up in the morning? Try using a silk pillowcase instead of a cotton one. Cotton cases create more friction, and pull at your skin – they are also known to absorb product on your skin, causing it to be less effective. By switching to silk, your night serum can be left in peace to work its anti-ageing magic overnight.

Add Superfoods To Your Diet

A happy diet leads to a happy complexion. Similar to topical skincare products, foods that are high in antioxidants help slow down the ageing process, so fill your shopping cart with natural foods that are bright or richly coloured.  Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables like blueberries, raspberries and blackberries are the highest in antioxidants.

If you’re partial to an afternoon sweet, try cutting down on your sugar intake. Sugars can prematurely age skin by weakening collagen and elastin.  Try opting for a piece of fruit or a cup of herbal tea to satisfy your cravings.

Gently Does It

Considering an in-clinic peel or exfoliation? Not so fast! Treatments like acid peels and chemical resurfacing treatments traumatise the skin’s surface to stimulate rejuvenation. Although it might trigger change, it comes at a cost – potentially causing more harm than good.

These harsh treatments disrupt the skin’s recovery process, causing premature ageing over time. Each treatment strips the skin’s protective layer, opening it up to UV damage. When you’re at a skin clinic, your therapist should always focus on supporting the layer of skin beneath the surface, the dermis. This way, you’re treating the cause of your concern (as opposed to the symptoms), and prolonging the positive results for years to come.

At You By Sia, we use our exclusive Inside Out Peels to tackle the effects of ageing, all without damaging the epidermal layer, instead of using harsh chemicals or abrasive techniques.

Spritz With Caution

Spraying perfume directly onto your skin or neck is very dehydrating and contributes towards the build-up of pigmentation. Most fragrances contain alcohol, causing photosensitivity – which amplifies the sun’s damaging effects on the delicate neck area. This increases the likelihood of wrinkles and pigmentation, and other ageing effects on the complexion.

For further information on our Cosmeceutical-Grade Skincare or Inside Out Peels at You By Sia, contact one of our six clinics based in Sydney CBD, Burwood, Parramatta, St.Ives, Bondi Junction & Castle Hill.

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