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 Sia Hendry

Following more than a decade’s research into leading skin technology and advanced cosmeceutical skincare systems, Sia Hendry launched You By Sia, Sydney’s premier Cosmetic Skin & Laser Clinic in 2005.

Sia has an in-depth understanding about the skin, skin conditions and the factors that lead to skin ageing, through extensive experience with advanced Laser Hair Removal technology.

Her interest and passion for advanced skincare management has seen her use deep scientific knowledge to deliver outstanding skin rejuvenation results. Some of Australia’s leading beauty editors have acknowledged that her results surpass anything they have experienced.

Through performing thousands of treatments, Sia’s believes that every regime should start with a thorough skin analysis – focusing on the skin’s structure and anatomy, looking past the surface layers to understand how treatments can be improved for better results.

Sia discovered that cosmeceuticals are most effective when delivered to the deeper layers of the skin. Thus began Sia’s core philosophy, which remains the mainstay of her business today: “Caring for skin from the inside out”.

From her signature cosmetic treatments and advanced laser hair removal treatments, to the success of her exclusive range of cosmeceutical skincare, the You By Sia brand name has developed into a flourishing business. You By Sia now has three dedicated clinics around Sydney, having also acquired in July 2015 the renowned Nad’s Laser Clinic brand.

You By Sia clinics specialise in advanced skin and body treatments including Laser Hair Removal and bespoke Skin Rejuvenation programs. Every clinic offers advanced rejuvenation treatments designed to target common skin concerns, such as ageing, pigmentation, acne scarring, rosacea, stretch marks and cellulite.

Today, You By Sia’s range of cosmeceutical skincare is acknowledged as a leading brand in true skin rejuvenation, using pharmaceutical-grade ingredients for glowing skin.

As a savvy businesswoman with a thirst for unearthing new skin technologies, Sia has positioned herself as a highly regarded figurehead in the aesthetic industry. With constant innovation from You By Sia HQ, Sia’s entrepreneurial journey has only just begun.

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Our philosophy

You By Sia has grown to become Sydney’s leading destination for cutting-edge face and body treatments and cosmeceutical-grade skincare products.

Headed by paramedical aesthetician Sia Hendry, You By Sia is built around a core philosophy of caring for skin from the inside out. Shying away from the use of harsh abrasives or damaging resurfacing techniques because we believe in addressing the cause of skin concerns, rather than masking its symptoms

With a commitment to industry-leading skincare programs, we have developed a range of unparalleled cosmetic treatments that support the skin from the deeper layers. One treatment at a time, we help our clients glow with the beauty of self-confidence.

You By Sia is dedicated to delivering genuine, long-lasting results for our clients. We believe everyone deserves glowing skin, and we’d love to help you on your journey to a more confident, beautiful you.

With three state-of-the art clinics in Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction and Castle Hill, we invite you to contact us and arrange a complimentary, pre-treatment consultation.