Adult Acne Myth #1: Does Sunscreen Cause Breakouts?

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You’ve probably had your share of lectures about sunscreen, whether from me or someone else that understands the damage the sun can cause to your skin.. Now that most of you are (hopefully) already diligent when applying sunscreen, it’s time to ask: can sunscreen cause breakouts?

Many of my clients report a relationship between their store-bought sunscreen and breakouts. The more diligent they get with UVA/UVB protection – the worse their breakouts become.

Why? You might not realise this, but there are actually two main types of sunscreen: physical and chemical. Although both formulas protect the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, they do the same work, yet differently. This means that what may agree with one skin type won’t necessarily agree with another.
Here’s a breakdown of the differences between chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen, which will hopefully come in handy the next time you need to stock up on sun protection.

Chemical Sunscreen
This is by far the most popular type of sunscreen and the vast majority of mass-market sunscreens are chemical formulas. They rely on ingredients like Octinoxate, Octocrylene and Oxybenzone that work by absorbing and scattering the UV rays which your skin is exposed to. While this protects the skin from burning, it does make it vulnerable to other issues, like hyperpigmentation. Although chemical formulas work well for outdoor activities and water sports because they absorb into skin easily and last for a long time, I wouldn’t recommend chemical sunscreen if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. You would simply be asking for clogged pores and irritated skin.

Physical Sunscreen
Physical or mineral sunscreens use ingredients like Titanium Dioxide and Zinc, which reflect the UV rays off the skin without absorption. Unlike chemical sunscreens, physical formulas sit on top of the skin. This means that the formula is far less disruptive, and does not clog the skin and pores. The cosmeceutical-grade You By Sia, Minc Sunscreen harnesses a blend of Titanium and Zinc to protect the skin. It also includes Vitamin E and Jojoba to help maintain moisture, leaving your skin fully protected while allowing it to breathe.

So, does sunscreen cause acne or breakouts? Sometimes.

For more information on the You By Sia’s Minc product, click here or contact one of our five clinics based in Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD, St.Ives and Castle Hill.

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