Adult Acne Myth #2 I Need To Dry Out My Oily Skin to Balance It Out

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Lots of people in their early teens or mid-twenties experience an oily complexion, making blemishes and keeping your makeup on as hassle! Although it tends to resolve itself over time from the depleting oil production of ageing skin, there’s a lot of confusion about how to manage oily skin.

Many people with oily skin believe that they need to use a dehydrating, astringent skincare formula to balance out their complexion. You might not realise this, but these formulas excessively dry out the skin. This causes the sebaceous glands to panic and go into overdrive, producing even more oil than usual. The key to balancing your skin is a skincare routine that keeps your skin regulated but hydrated, maintaining your skin’s natural and necessary oil levels.

Here of some of my tips for a balanced complexion:

Put it on a delicate wash
Yep you read that right; it’s time to start washing your precious facial skin as you would your delicates! Use a gentle, natural cleanser that cleanses your skin of dirt, makeup and excess oil without stripping the skin of its necessary oils. Also keep an eye out on water temperature, as water that is too hot or cold water will dry and irritate the skin. Keep water tepid for a happy, healthy balance.

Drink up!
Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day (or the recommended amount for your age group) to keep the skin balanced or hydrated. Water hydrates skin, maintaining its texture and appearance, and flushes toxins from the body – which helps our skin to stay clear and healthy.

Diet Is Key
By improving your diet and cutting back on processed foods, you decrease the sugar content filtered to your skin. Instead of a sweet treat, try fruit or nuts instead and deliver natural nutrients to your skin.

Lotions & Potions
Consider cutting back on your conventional moisturiser. If your skin is already full of moisture, why add more? If you keep your skin infused with high-quality active ingredients every day, you can skip the extra moisturising step. A good quality serum has the ability to feed your skin nutrients, keep it balanced and normalise the overactivity of the sebaceous glands; preventing breakouts and premature ageing. When it comes to breakouts in specific, try using products which contain anti-bacterial and microbial properties such as olive leaf extract.

A Healthy Cover Up
When it comes to make-up for oily skin, mineral makeup is the way to go instead of heavy liquid formulas because:

• The majority of mineral makeup products are non-comedogenic, allowing the skin to breathe. It won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Unlike traditional cosmetics, no artificial colour, oils, perfumes or preservatives are added.

• They are formulated with zinc and titanium dioxide. Mineral makeup forms a physical barrier on the skin, avoiding irritation and helping to protect it from sun damage.

• Although it’s suitable for all skin types, mineral makeup is ideal for oily skin because the natural powder consistency absorbs oil and conceals blemishes.

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