Adult Acne Myth #3 Hormones Cause Blind Pimples.

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Ever wondered what that swollen, sore, red bump lurking around your face is? It’s most probably a blind pimple.

Why is it ‘blind’, you ask? This type of pimple is a sign of inflammation around a hair follicle, which has not yet become filled with excessive pus and turned into a whitehead.

Generally, blind pimples are more painful than your average breakout; this is because they tend to sit much deeper than whiteheads, making them a lot more sensitive than usual.

What causes blind pimples?

Unfortunately, there is no definitive cause of blind pimples. They are generally caused by the same triggers as other pimples, including:

  • Poor diet
  • Thick, heavy, waxy makeup which clogs the pores.
  • Stress
  • Poor quality skincare causing irritation to your skin.
  • Hormonal imbalances

How to treat blind pimples

When you find a blind pimple  –  it is important to help clear away the build of bacteria and to calm the inflammation that has been caused. In order to do so, you should consider using cosmeceutical-grade serums like our You By Sia Vanish AM or Vanish PM. Look for products (like our serums) that contain Vitamin A as this controls and normalises over active sebaceous glands. Antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree and white tea extract will also help with anti-inflammation. On top of a daily serum, a gentle resurfacing mask such as Erase will help to remove excess oil and congestion. The complex mix of botanical and mineral rich ingredients in our cosmeceuticals will help nourish and balance your skin, preventing future breakouts.

If you need an extra hand fighting blind pimples or other breakouts, our Inside Out Peel may be a treatment option to consider. This treatment gently prompts collagen and elastin production, helping to regenerate and resurface the skin for a clearer complexion. It’s also much gentler than traditional chemical peels, so you won’t have to deal with the same amount of discomfort or downtime.

For further information on our  Cosmeceutical-Grade Skincare  or Inside Out Peels at You By Sia, contact one of our six clinics based in Sydney CBD, Burwood, Parramatta, St.Ives, Bondi Junction & Castle Hill.

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