Concern: Hard to shift tummy weight


Jody completed our course of RF cellulite treatments on her tummy and after 6 weeks managed to shift 35% of the excess weight. Paired with healthy eating and exercise she was thrilled with her results.

Concern: Slight tummy from pregnancies


Clara was a healthy eater and exercised regularly but she was unable to get back to her original flat tummy after having 2 babies. In just 6 weeks she was able to show off her new flattened tummy and get back into her bikini suit with confidence. She is absolutely thrilled.

Concern: Excess tummy mass


Cheryl has struggled with the excess weight she carried after her pregnancies. After completing Our RF cellulite treatments she managed to shift a massive 55% of fat around her tummy. She was over the moon and has never felt so good and confident.

Concern: Knee Bulges


Basia has always been an athlete but has always carried slight fatty pockets above her knees. After completing our RF skin tightening treatments we have managed to reduce the knee bulges by 65%. Basia is super excited and still continues to play sport with confidence.


Concern: Sun damaged skin


Kylie spent most of her teens right through to her 30’s baking in the sun and being outdoors as a fox sports TV presenter. Constant UV exposure and no sunscreen has left her skin completely covered with freckles and pigmentation and has aged her skin beyond her years. After 6 weeks of prepping her skin with You by Sia skincare, we performed 4 laser pigmentation treatments and have removed 90% of the pigmentation from her chest leaving her skin even toned and completely rejuvenated and youthful. She now wears strapless outfits with confidence and beautiful skin. She maintains her results using our Minc and Dermfade.

Concern: Sun damaged skin on arms


Jackie’s arms were covered with the tell-tale signs of excessive sun exposure throughout her life. We prepped her skin with our You by Sia Dermafade and then did 4 laser pigmentation removal treatments. Her results were fantastic and she achieved an 80% reduction in her pigmentation leaving her arms smooth and youthful. She maintains her results using Minc, Dermafade and Enhance.

Concern: Sunspots on hands


Louise has worked outdoors most of her life and the signs of sun damage have left her hands aged and freckled. After 4 weeks of prepping her hands with Dermafade and Minc, we performed 3 laser pigmentation treatments and have given her back more youthful and even-toned skin on her hands. She maintains her results using daily Minc and Dermafade.

Products Only

Concern: Dark pigmentation in armpits


Anita suffered from dark pigmentation under her arms for years. After trying numerous products nothing seemed to work, until now! After just 12 weeks using our pigment fading DERMAFADE, we have managed to remove the pigmentation completely! That’s a 100% result and we are thrilled for our client.

Concern: Eczema

Product: Muti

Stephanie Lenga wanted a product that could quickly and effectively address her baby’s eczema without the use of harsh chemicals.

“I have been using this fantastic Muti Balm on my family’s eczema and nappy rash for a while now. I cannot believe the results in just days. The texture is so easy to apply and it just works so quickly!’ – Stephanie Lenga

Concern: Dry, inflamed skin (newborn)

Product: Muti

This newborn was suffering from dry, inflamed skin on her legs. Following three days of treatment with Muti balm, the irritation had calmed down, leaving behind smooth, baby soft-looking skin.