Inside Out Peel

Concern: Acne

Treatment: A You by Sia specialised skincare regime

Michelle turned to You by Sia after suffering from severe acne, inflammation and infection on her face. Michelle was reacting negatively to the products she had been applying, which contained both benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. We recommended an advanced cosmeceutical regime and a peel infusion, which improved the condition of her skin. These results were achieved in just six weeks. Treatment also normalised the oil production level of Michelle’s skin and she reported to us less frequent breakouts and an overall improvement in skin condition following treatment.

Concern: Wants a fresher plumper skin


Chervone felt that her skin lacked that youthful, bright and plump appearance. After using the You by Sia clinical skincare for 6 weeks we gave her an Inside Out Peel and her skin was completely rejuvenated without any downtime. Chervone’s skin is now youthful, brighter and all round plumped and refreshed. She is so happy!

Concern: Cystic Acne


Erlin was suffering from acute cycstic acne and was found it to be very painful. After just 6 Weeks of You by Sia Clinical skincare and 2 Inside Out Peels, we have remarkably healed and corrected her chronic acne. Erlin still remains on her products and will continue doing treatments until we have cleared her skin back to its beautiful appearance. Erlin went through no downtime or discomfort to achieve these results.


Concern: Freckles

Treatment: Laser pigmentation removal and a You by Sia specialised skincare regime

Tammy was concerned about the stark appearance of pigmentation on her face. Having lived with freckles her entire life, years of UV exposure had worsened the appearance of her complexion. Following two weeks of skin preparation with You by Sia’s speciality cosmeceuticals, Tammy underwent two laser pigmentation removal treatments. We were able to dramatically reduce the appearance of the pigment by over 75%. Tammy has maintained her skincare regime to inhibit the dark spots from resurfacing and to prevent new blemishes from developing. The photos below show her significant improvement and much brighter, more even complexion.

Concern: Melasma

Treatment: Laser pigmentation removal and a You by Sia specialised skincare regime

Yvonne reached out to You by Sia to treat the noticeably uneven and blotchy skin on her face. Yvonne believed this excess pigmentation was caused by ongoing use of the oral contraceptive pill. Her overall skin texture was great but she was self-conscious of the discolouration. With use of our recommended cosmeceutical regime and two laser pigmentation reduction treatments, we were able to achieve incredible results. Yvonne’s complexion is now much clearer and even in tone. Yvonne continues to use You by Sia’s cosmeceuticals to maintain these results and reduce discolouration.

Concern: Freckles

Treatment: Laser pigmentation removal and a You by Sia specialised skincare regime

Melita approached You by Sia with visible sun damage and hyperpigmentation. With an extremely light natural complexion, her skin had been unable to correct itself from continued UV exposure. We prepped her skin with an advanced cosmeceutical regime for two weeks and performed two laser pigmentation removal treatments. Freckles were reduced from Melita’s face and she was left with brighter, more even-toned skin.

Concern: Pigmentation and Dryness

Treatment: Laser pigmentation removal and a You by Sia specialised skincare regime

After many years of continued UV exposure, Susan presented to us with visible pigmentation and a dehydrated, uneven complexion. We recommended a specialised skincare regime to support her skin with essential nutrients while preparing for laser treatment. We then performed two laser pigmentation removal treatments, helping to diminish the appearance of her age spots and promoting healthy, radiant skin. Susan has seen incredible ongoing results with continued use of You by Sia’s cosmeceutical grade skincare products. Photos show a much more even, supple and hydrated complexion.

Concern: Pigmentation and ageing

Treatment: Laser pigmentation removal and a You by Sia specialised skincare regime

Libby presented with visible pigmentation following years of UV exposure. We prepped her skin for four weeks with a carefully selected cosmeceutical regime. We then targeted the signs of ageing and discolouration with two pigmentation removal treatments. Product use was continued to help reduce underlying pigmentation from resurfacing. These photos show the improvement in skin tone and texture following treatment.

Concern: Sundamaged dull and aged looking skin


Kirsty’s skin was dehydrated, sundamaged and starting to show signs of aging. Within just 8 weeks we were able to turn back the clock and refresh her skin using our You by Sia Clinical Skincare products and 2 laser pigmentation treatments. She now looks fresh and has an youthful even toned skin.

Concern: Large sunspots on sides of face


Nicole was extremely active and being outdoors always wore a cap. However this covered the middle of her face but not the sides. After daily UV exposure her youthful skin starting to show signs of aging sunspots. Within just 4 weeks of You by Sia clinical skincare products and 2 laser treaments, we removed the spots and gave her back the age relative skin she deserved. She maintains these results using the skincare and now wears a wide rimmed hat and our MINC when outdoors.


Concern: Lacklustre and ageing skin

Treatment: Dermal Sonic Facials™ & Release serum

Michele wanted to rejuvenate her overall appearance and address her dull, lifeless skin.

Using a combination of Dermal Sonic Facials™ and Release serum, she experienced significant ante-ageing benefits. These results were achieved in just four weeks!

“So amazed by such a rapid result, from the facials and Release in particular! Katie is a real treat too!” – Michele Michael


Concern: Very thin and sensitive red skin


Alisons skin was paper thin, red and very sensitive. After just 1 Regen Pen treatment and You by Sia skincare products we have improved her skin incredibly and calmed the redness and sensitivity dramatically. She is very happy.

Concern: Acne scarring


Aletas skin has been left with red marks and pitted scarring from acne. After 4 weeks of using the You by Sia skincare products we have done 3 Regen Pen treaments on her skin to start pushing out the pitted scarring and resurfacing her skin back to its smooth and clear complexion. Aleta has already achieved incredible results and will still require another 2 – 3 Regen Pen treatments to achieve the results she is after.