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Concern: Very red inflamed skin known as Rosacea


Robyn skin was extremely inflamed and red from a combination of daily UV exposure, genetics and skincare products she had used in the past. With Rosacea it is vital to get the condition under control and to calm the inflammation in the skin as it will get progressively worse as she gets older. We put Robyn immediately onto our You by Sia Clinical skincare products and within just 6 weeks have dramatically reduced the redness in her skin by 80%! She now has the ‘tool’s she requires to keep her skin happy and calm.

Concern: Dark marks from breakouts, large pores and breakouts


Cristel’s skin leaves her with dark marks wherever she gets a breakout and was still suffering from breakouts as well as large pores from having oily skin. Our primary focus was to stop the breakouts to prevent further dark marks forming. We put Cristel onto our You by Sia Clinical Skincare products to address all her concerns and in just 12 weeks we have not only cleared the breakouts but removed the dark marks and minimized her pores and refined the texture of her skin. Cristel is so thrilled she has even stopped wearing makeup to cover up!

Concern: Severe black pigmentation caused from laser


Anita wanted to get rid of the pitted acne scarring in her cheeks and went to another clinic where they lasered her skin to try remove the pitted scarring. 4 months later she got black dark pigmentation come up in her cheeks which was never there before. We put Anitia onto our You by Sia pigmentation products and did constant computerised images of her skin underneath to be sure the pigmentation was breaking down. It took us 18 months to breakdown this excessive pigment caused through severe trauma to her skin. Anita was patient but now has the results she wanted and is back to her cheerful and happy self!

Concern: Persistent diaper rash

Product: Revive

Daniela’s baby was suffering from persistent diaper rash. Daniela achieved quick results thanks to Revive balm.

“As a mum, there is nothing worse than seeing your little bundle of joy with a skin or nappy rash. I used the therapeutic balm Revive and got incredible results after just 3 days of applying it on severe skin rashes, dryness, eczema, etc. You can see the images of my newborn with milk/heat rash, and in just 4 days, her skin has cleared up!” – Daniela Gibson

Concern – Dry, red skin on cheeks

Product: Muti

Muti helped address the redness and dry skin on this baby’s cheeks and mouth. Containing no cortisone, this balm can be used to address eczema, nappy rash, bruises and burns.