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As Aussies, we sure make the most of the great outdoors! From backyard BBQs to Yoga on the beach, we always embrace the elements! The Aussie sunshine is a blessing, but also a curse – so here’s our top tips on keeping your skin healthy, rain or shine!

1. Stay Hydrated – Inside & Out
Your body is approximately 60% water, so keeping your body hydrated both inside and out is your first step to diminishing the look of fine lines and cellulite. Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day and moisturise your face and body as soon as you get out the shower to lock in moisture. Simple, right?

2. Apply Sunscreen Religiously!
Because of our long summers, Aussies are two to three times more likely to develop skin cancer, compared to our mates in the US and UK (Cancer Council Australia). This means that sun protection has to be our number 1 priority. Sunscreen prevents melanomas, it also keeps our skin looking young and fresh. Our Minc Moisturising lotion is a cosmeceutical-grade zinc moisturiser with antioxidants, and provides hydration and protection from the harmful, drying effects of the sun.

3. Keep It Clean!
Cleanse your skin every morning and night. It’s simple and so effective – every day, your skin encounters dirt, environmental pollutants and excess oil, which wreak havoc on your pores. By using a gentle cleanser twice a day, you significantly reduce your chance of blackheads and breakouts. We recommend the You By Sia Delicate Clenz for those with normal/sensitive skin and Intense Cleanz for those with oily/acne prone skin.

4. Mineralise Your Makeup!
Mineral makeup provides you with a little extra sun protection, and keeps your complexion clear. Most traditional makeup formulas contain pore clogging oils which work against the skin – whereas our Complexion Domes allow your skin to breathe, resulting in a luminous clear canvas.

5. Leave Blemishes To The Professionals
Get those grubby fingers away from your face! We know it’s tempting, but you must must must leave blemishes alone. To avoid spreading bacteria and the risk of acne scarring, your best bet is to treat the issue, not pick it! At You By Sia, we have a range of treatments for those who suffer from blemishes and acne. Our main objective for troublesome skin is to gently unclog the pores, then tighten them, ensuring long term results.

For further information on skincare and treatments, book into one of our 4 skin clinics today, located in Bondi Junction, St Ives, Castle Hill & Sydney CBD.

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