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03-08-2016   Fungal Nail Laser Treatments for Women & Men

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fungal nail laser treatment

What is fungal nail laser all about?

At You by Sia we pride ourselves on offering the latest in cosmetic medical treatments and we are the first cosmetic clinic to partner with a podiatrist to offer a new, innovative fungal nail solution.

Introducing Fungal Nail Laser treatment, performed by our practising podiatrist Dr. Jo Grassano

Dr. Jo Grassano has over 9 years’ clinical experience in private podiatry practice, she joins our team exclusively to offer our You By Sia clients a new option in fungal nail treatments.

Fungal nail laser treatment is clinically proven to have an up to 85% success rate to clear your nails and is easy, quick and convenient.

Fungal nail infections can cause:

  • Yellow, black or green discolouration of your nail
  • White spots on top of your nail
  • Splitting of the nail plate
  • Thickening of the nail
  • Lifting of the nail
  • Changes in the growth rate and appearance of your nail

Anyone who has tried to treat their fungal nail infection will know how frustrating it can be to treat. Topical nail applications (creams and paints) are time consuming, expensive and often don’t work on even the most mild cases of nail fungus. Oral medication prescribed by your doctor can be have serious side effects.

Laser nail treatments work by killing the fungal spores through damaging the cell wall of the fungus and denaturing the proteins of the fungal cell through the heating of the nail.
This allows the fungal/damaged portion of your nail to grow out, with clear nail remaining unaffected. Successful treatment can restore your nails to their natural, healthy appearance.

Your laser session will begin with a consult from our in clinic podiatrist who will assess your condition and advise you of your options for best results. Your results are our number one priority and only medically sound advice is given.

If you decide to proceed with your fungal laser treatment this will only be performed by a qualified podiatrist, each and every time. If your nail is particularly thick it might need to be thinned out which will be performed before the laser application begins.

Laser treatment involves a handpiece that emits a particular wavelength and wattage specifically designed only for fungal nail treatments. The spot laser is moved over the affected nail in a grid pattern for the designated time for optimal results. You will experience some heating of the nail during the treatment and this is only mildly uncomfortable at the worst.

You may need 2-4 sessions of laser depending on the severity and nail growth rate which will be discussed on your initial consult with the podiatrist.

You should start to see results in as little as 6 weeks and complete treatment/clearance is determined when the complete fungal portion of the nail has grown out which can take anywhere between 3-12 months depending on the severity of the infection.

Laser has minimal short time side effects which are rare which can include:

  • Very mild sensitivity of the nail and surrounding skin usually not lasting more than 30 min
  • Mild redness surrounding the nail and underneath the following nail plate
  • Heating of the nail plate during treatment which some clients may find uncomfortable

There are no long term side effects associated with Fungal Nail Laser treatment.

Benefits of fungal nail laser treatment

The benefits of Laser are really where this treatment surpass the other treatment options on the market.

  • Quick, each nail can be treated in as little as 5 minutes
  • Easy, You don’t have to do any at home nail treatments following your laser session
  • Attractive, unlike topical treatments your affected nail does not need to be cut away or aggressively filed away
  • Paint your nails following your laser treatment
  • 85% success rate, which is one of the best options for treatment currently available

No need to have continuous podiatry visits unlike other treatments which require regular appointments until the infection is cleared.

Our offer to you

For a limited time for our You By Sia clients we are offering a complimentary consultation with our podiatrist to assess your eligibility for our fungal nail laser treatment and “say goodbye, to your fungal nails once and for all!”

Fungal Nail Laser Clinics are in Sydney CBD, Parramatta and Castle Hill – Book Now

For more information, please contact You By Sia or Fungal Laser Clinic at one of our skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

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