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29-12-2014   How To Get The Perfect Smile

By Sia Hendry  |  Category : 

Did you know it takes approximately 17 facial muscles to smile yet a whopping 43 to frown? It’s time to give those facial muscles a break and get those pearly whites on show in a big cheesy grin! There is no denying that a gorgeous smile can completely lighten up your face and living in this selfie obsessed era, a shiny bright smile is always on trend!

Over time lifestyle choices such as, drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking can cause discolouration in the teeth which can age your smile, this is due to the enamel on your teeth wearing away, leaving teeth to become more susceptible to staining, this can cause many people to feel self-conscious and shy away from showing off their pearly whites in day to day life and in photographs.

It is time to say ‘Cheese!’ and let You By Sia bring out the natural white in your teeth with these 3 simple steps:

  1. When you initially come in for your appointment, one of our highly skilled technian’s will sit down with you to review your teeth whitening options. We will discuss pricing options with you, your comfort level and your whiteness expectations; we will then work to exceed those expectations with our ultimate teeth whitening technology.
  2. Depending on the discolouration and health of your teeth we will decide what level of teeth whitening will work best and safest for you. Our European formula of Carbamide Peroxide is designed to be non-sensitising and uses and additional natural teeth whitener which allows the formula to penetrate tooth enamel and help oxidise stubborn stains away.
  3. Once your treatment is compete it is vital to care for your new smile with daily brushing, flossing and regular mouthwash use, avoiding colour drinks can be an added bonus and or using a straw will help as this will cause the coloured drink to bypass your teeth. Depending on the previous colour damage to your teeth it may take more than one visit to achieve your desired result.

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