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01-04-2015   Is Chocolate Really Your Skins Biggest Enemy?

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With Easter on our doorstep, the much debated question of whether chocolate leads to acne and blemishes is hovering on our minds. Will splurging on chocolate eggs cause you to break out this Easter or not?

Chocolate has long been thought of as an acne-causing food, however we believe the blame is slightly misplaced. Whilst chocolate itself cannot take the full responsibility for pimples, the high sugar levels included can. A diet high in sugar can increase excess sebum production and inflammatory responses, meaning any foods high in sugar will increase your chances of breaking out.

So what chocolate can I eat this Easter you ask? If you wish to splurge without risking the chance of pimples, we recommend you go as dark as possible when the craving hits. By curing your craving with 70% cacao dark chocolate you will not only avoid high sugar levels, but you will in fact be benefiting your skin as cocoa has been proven to hydrate the skin, leaving it firmer and more supple.

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