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22-01-2015   Top 5 Things To Know About Injectables

By Sia Hendry  |  Category : 
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When it comes to considering cosmetic injectables, there are many questions which may cross your mind; Is this the right choice for me and my face? Is it going to look how I envisioned it to? Is it dangerous? How soon can I return back to work?

At You By Sia, we take pride in ensuring that all our clients are as comfortable as possible when it comes to any treatment, big or small. We appreciate that altering your image can be a daunting prospect, especially when needles are involved, and even more so when it is your first time. We make it our top priority to give each patient an individual and personalised consultation as no two faces are the same, ensuring each client leaves satisfied with ‘natural’ results.

To make things easier, we have put together our top 5 things you should know before getting an injectable treatment.

  1. Familiarise Yourself With Your ‘Problem’ Areas: In order to truly understand which areas you’d like us to focus on, it can be beneficial to take a ‘selfie’. It is much easier to evaluate your facial concerns through photos opposed to starring in the mirror. Try snapping a shot of yourself looking forward in a neutral position, along with an array of other facial expressions such as; smiling, pouting, frowning, looking up and down. Once printed out we can sit down and determine what the focus is and exactly what bothers you the most. The better you understand what needs improving, the better we can help fix it.
  2. Determine Your Budget: Choose an amount which you’d like to set aside for your injectables, once this is decided we can discuss what options are available to you based on your budget. When it comes to cosmetic treatments it is important to understand that quality can cost, at You By Sia we offer highly trained staff, top of the range technology and remarkably effective products. A smaller dose may not last as long as you planned. If your budget is limited yet you want to address more than one area of the face, you may want to consider staggering your visits.
  3. Baby Steps: Decide on your main area of concern and focus on that first, you can always go back and add more. Bear in mind it may take up to 3 months to resolve any deep wrinkles.
  4. Assess Which Area Has The Best Chance Of Success: For example, the majority of frown lines which are treated with wrinkle-relaxers have a low complication rate, it’s one of the simplest areas to treat and can give you that quick fix that you’re seeking.
  5. Keep Up The Results: It is very important that you continue to look after your skin once it has been treated. This involves a carefully selected morning and night serum, along with sunscreen to protect your results.

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