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We often hear that the best way to get rid of cellulite is to “eat well, drink plenty of water and to exercise”, but what happens when you do those things and still can’t flick the flab?
With highly photo-shopped images in magazines and on billboards, more men and women are becoming conscious of their dimpled tums and bums. At You By Sia, we aim to educate women (and the occasional man) on what’s actually going to work for you and your cellulite.

There are two ends of the ‘cellulite’ scale – more invasive measures that involve procedures like liposuction, and the other end, involving DIY cellulite treatments like scrubs, brushes, lotions and potions. Many of these DIY treatments have very little science behind them to help you get results.

I like to think that our treatment is the ‘happy, long-term, medium’ option. We’ve found a solution that reduces the fat within the cells, ultimately diminishing the appearance of cellulite.
In our fight against cellulite we begin by heating up the fat within the cells, transforming the fat into a liquid state, this process is called Lipolysis. Once the fat is converted into a liquid state it is then able to seep out of the cells and into the lymphatic system where it’s carried away, once cleared the cells shrink back down, giving you long lasting results. During this process, we also use magnetic pulses to increase skin density and circulation; this ultimately thickens the skin giving you less chance of that lumpy, dimpled effect. We tend to recommend at least 10 sessions to truly diminish your dimples!

You By Sia Cellulite Treatment Before & After

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Did you know?

  • Men do get cellulite too! We just don’t see it as often because their skin is so much thicker.
  • No matter how hard you scrub or massage your cellulite, the fat within the cells will not budge unless it is professionally converted into a liquid state and drained away.
  • Hormonal changes throughout our lives can trigger cellulite.

Start your fight against your cellulite today!
The team at You by Sia are ready to help you smooth stubborn cellulite for good. Contact your nearest clinic for a complimentary pre-treatment consultation today.

You By Sia Skin Clinics are located in Bondi Junction, Castle Hill, St Ives and Sydney CBD.

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