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14-04-2015   Why Autumn/Winter Is the Best Time To Get Laser

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It’s the same old story every year: spring rolls around and we‘re all frantically sourcing hair removal solutions, whether it’s waxing, razors or hair removal creams. We subject ourselves to painful and often expensive waxing treatments, only to have to do it again two weeks later.

To avoid constant repeats of expensive waxing treatments, I recommend a course of Laser Hair Removal treatment during the early months of winter. This gives you a good number of months for optimal results. Just in time for summer!
Starting Laser Hair Removal in the cooler months benefits your summer self and comes with an array of other benefits .

Here’s our top 5 reasons on why autumn and winter are the best times to book:

1. It’s a fact that Laser Hair Removal works best on paler skin and darker hair. Any sun tan on the treated area will not only increase the risks of burning the skin, but it will also decrease the efficacy of the laser. When skin is suntanned the Laser settings will need to be reduced in order to protect the skin. To get the best results out of Laser Hair Removal treatments, strike in the cooler months where skin is exposed to less sunshine.

2. During the cooler months, you usually spend less time outdoors.This means you should have more time to devote to Laser Hair Removal sessions, making it a great time to get into a routine.

3. Post treatment, targeted areas tend to become sensitive to light and you’re advised to keep the treated area shielded from the sun to protect it. When you’re wrapped up warm in autumn and winter, what better time to start?

4. Adding up the ongoing costs of razors, waxing and hair removal creams can result in a daunting figure, by completing approximately 8-10 treatments of Laser Hair Removal you can save money and time.

5. Hair removal can also be a fairly uncomfortable process. With Laser Hair Removal, some areas will be virtually painless, and with others you may feel a light snapping or pinching of the skin. The majority of our patients stay cool, calm and comfortable throughout their sessions, compared to the often agonizing process of waxing and tweezing.

For more information on Laser Hair Removal at You by Sia, contact one of our four clinics based in: Bondi Junction, Sydney CBD, St.Ives and Castle Hill or make a booking today..

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