Stretch Mark Reduction

Get Ready to Reduce the Appearance of Stubborn Stretch Marks
Visible stretch marks can have an alarming impact on your sense of self-confidence. With a variety of cutting-edge treatments designed to address the appearance of unwanted, stubborn stretch marks, we’ve made it our mission to help our clients glow with confidence in their own skin. As Sydney’s premier skin and laser clinic we have sourced the most effect stretch mark reduction technology available worldwide, to perform leading treatments that deliver long term benefits.

What causes stretch marks?
Stretch marks are the result of the skin quickly or suddenly expanding, typically following rapid weight gain or growth. Stretch marks commonly follow pregnancy or adolescent growth spurts. At the connective tissue level, this sudden growth can cause the middle layer of skin to tear, creating a red or purple line that is visible at the surface layer of the skin.

Can stretch marks be permanently removed?
Contrary to what many cosmetic advertisers would like you to believe, no treatment can completely repair or remove stretch marks. You by Sia cannot claim a miracle cure. However, we have developed a comprehensive treatment program that aims to support the skin from the inside out, helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks at the surface level.

How does You by Sia’s stretchmark treatment work?
We use a combination of radio frequency and magnetic pulse technology and or Regen Pen to deliver a carefully controlled heat or micro injuries to the target area of the skin. This helps to induce a healing response, stimulating increased production of collagen and elastin at the skin’s foundation. These natural properties are responsible for promoting firm, even and youthful looking skin.

Will I require any recovery time?
No. Stretch mark reduction is a quick, non-invasive technique that does not cause any damage to the outer layer of the skin and therefore may require no to little downtime!

Why You by Sia?
With over 10 years’ experience researching, developing and performing world class laser treatments, the team at You by Sia has the knowledge to offer the most effective treatments for your skin and unique concerns. Contact one of our clinics today to arrange a pre-treatment consultation.

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