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You by Sia Cosmetic Skin and Laser Clinic

Bondi Junction Clinic

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Monday – Thursday: 9.00am – 7.00pm
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Bondi’s Expert Cellulite and Laser Hair Removal Skin Clinic

As the most advanced facial rejuvenation clinic in Bondi, we focus on supporting your skin from the inside out. We believe in working with your skin, and not against it, to revitalise without the use of harmful surface exfoliation

You by Sia’s skin clinic in Bondi Junction also offers a range of effective body treatments including laser hair removal, cellulite reduction, pigmentation removal and stretch mark reduction.

The journey to a beautiful complexion starts at the deepest layer.

Facial rejuvenation from our team of skin specialists

Each skin specialist at our Bondi Junction clinic is dedicated to achieving genuine, personalised results for our clients. We have experience effectively treating a range of skin concerns, including pigmentation, acne, scarring, rosacea inflammation, ageing, wrinkles and cellulite.

Treatment at our cutting-edge skin clinic in Bondi Junction utilises innovative, leading laser technology and cosmeceutical-grade products. Backed by a thorough understanding of the primary causes of common skin concerns, each skin specialist at You by Sia is able to deliver ongoing, long-lasting results. We believe everyone deserves glowing, luminous skin. Contact us for more information about facial rejuvenation, or to book an appointment at our skin clinic in Bondi Junction.

Our Bondi skin clinic offers effective cellulite reduction treatment

You by Sia also offers advanced cellulite reduction treatments. Visit us today for a professional pre-treatment consultation and find out how simple it is to target and tone areas of concern. Using an advanced multi-model approach of magnetic pulsing and radio frequencies, cellulite treatments at clinic get right down to the source of the problem. Promoting collagen production while targeting compressed fat cells, results become more apparent with each treatment. Contact us today to book a cellulite treatment pre-consultation, and make way for a smoother, sleeker physique.

Talk to our skin specialists about our laser hair removal services

Using industry-leading laser technology, the team at You by Sia can help you diminish unwanted hair. Performed by a trained laser technician, each treatment is safe, effective and long-lasting. Target problem areas such as the upper-lip, bikini line, underarms, legs and stomach. Unsightly hair and painful ingrown hairs will progressively reduce, making way for silky smooth skin. For further information, or to book a consultation, contact a skin specialist at You by Sia today.