End Summer with a Bang and a Facial Rejuvenation Plan

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Summer sun, wind and exposure to UV can be harsh and detrimental to the skin on your face but there is no reason why you shouldn’t combat the damaging effects of sun, UV and outdoor exposure, ending summer with a bang by using a facial rejuvenation plan.

With these natural – and non-invasive – facial rejuvenation treatments designed to close the gap between your face and glowing, nourished skin, the end of summer should bring you benefits such as:

Natural Facial Rejuvenation for clearer, brighter skin

Brightening your skin, combating the effects of sun damage such as pigmentation, fighting anti-ageing and general facial rejuvenation pick-me-ups are all on the agenda with natural facial rejuvenation.

Brightening your skin


Face peels can work wonders on the skin but you should select peels that work to effectively rejuvenate, balance and support the skin from the inside out, without scrubbing the skin surface. You By Sia’s Inside Out Peel™ does just that, infused with a selection of essential vitamins and peptides that deliver natural, active ingredients to the skin’s structural layers.

Unlike traditional peels, You By Sia’s signature peels are not formulated with any harmful chemicals or harsh ingredients. They do not believe in removing or damaging the surface skin to achieve results, allowing the complexion to be effectively rejuvenated without the risk of burning or scarring.

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Combating sun damage with pigmentation removal


Sun exposure is the primary contributor to excess pigmentation. As UV rays penetrate down into the skin, the body releases melanin to cover and protect the cells. With continued exposure melanin production can go into overdrive, resulting in clustered pigment, otherwise known as freckles, sunspots and age spots. Pigmentation issues can also follow trauma to the skin, pregnancy or hormone imbalances.

What does pigmentation removal treatment involve?

You By Sia uses a combination of laser technology and active cosmeceuticals to address visible hyper pigmentation on the face, leaving you with a clearer, more even looking complexion.

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Fighting anti-ageing


Non-invasive facial rejuvenation can still use laser or other technology to help fight anti-ageing. RF Skin Tightening uses radio frequency waves to deliver a small amount of controlled heat to the deeper layers of the skin, boosting collagen and elastin production. As the natural building blocks for glowing, supple skin, increased collagen and elastin production can dramatically help to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sagging – without discomfort and with zero downtime!

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Effective skin care planning

Effective skin care starts with understanding your skin and diet, lifestyle and environments that affect your skin. As there are many different skin care products claiming to have a facial rejuvenation benefit, the first place to start with general skin care is by understanding your skin, through skin analysis with an experienced skin specialist.

You By Sia Skin Analysis

You By Sia Skin Analysis

For FEBRUARY only, exclusively for You By Sia clients, you can book a FREE $129 value skin complexion analysis to see what is going on underneath your skin and what needs to be addressed.

Conditions apply (For existing clients only, February only – 4 week use by date, Non-refundable for money, Non-exchangeable for other services or treatments).

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Guys, Facial Rejuvenation is not only for girls

If you are a woman reading this, it might pay to remind your partner/brother/father/work colleague (gently) that their skin ages just as rapidly as a woman’s, and increasingly men are being judged on their skin for recruitment and professional opportunities, so it is a necessity for them to look after their own skin and perform regular skin care. Skin care for a man requires a slightly different approach to a woman for the following reasons:

  • The epidermis of male skin is twice as thick as female skin, due to androgens and regular shaving affecting the top epidermis.
  • Sebaceous glands are bigger and produce more oil

These elements can indicate that male skin is (somewhat) more protected against the damaging effects of sun, UV and other environmental factors, and it may age more slowly.

However, this natural advantage is not applicable for all men, and the benefits of regular at-home facial maintenance and skin care is obvious when living in a harsh climate such as Australia.

Quick and easy skin care plans for men

Showering and shaving is not skin care, guys! The perception that skin care takes a lot of time is one that can be changed quickly and easily, with these two steps for men:

  1. At home, in a few minutes under the shower each day, cleanse your skin
  2. At the clinic, benefit with a few well-planned laser hair removal treatments on your way to or from work.

Step 1. Face cleansing at home with Delicate Clenz

A cosmeceutical-grade deep-foaming cleanser, packed with vital antioxidants and vitamins, Delicate Clenz moves excess oil while refreshing and balancing the appearance of problem skin. This formulation can quickly lift dead skin-cells and remove excess sebum production, without stripping the surface layer of the skin. Packed with an array of active ingredients to help improve the appearance of skin tone and texture, your complexion will look more hydrated and refreshed.

Buy Now– Size: 200mL


Step 2. Laser Hair Removal at the Clinic with the Experts


Because male skin is different in formulation to a woman’s, excess sebum and hair production may contribute to skin conditions such as acne or in-grown hairs.

Be pro-active and stick to your easy skin care routine by booking a series of laser hair removal appointments at You By Sia. Popular treatment areas for men include the back, chest and shoulders.

What can you expect from treatment?

Start with a pre-treatment consultation to determine the results you can expect from treatment.

Your experienced technician will establish your skin type, hair type and the area you wish to target. From there, they can create a customised procedure plan, including the recommended number of treatments for optimum results. The procedure itself is quick and painless with long lasting results that far outweigh traditional hair removal options. You can expect noticeable hair reduction in as little as 8-10 sessions thanks to our world-class laser technology.

That is, manageable hair and results achieved on your way to and from work!

What is the cost of laser hair removal on the body?

The overall cost of treatment depends on many factors including the amount of sessions required and the area that is being targeted. This can vary from person to person, although results can usually be achieved within 8-10 sessions.

Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our friendly, trained technicians. This will allow us to establish your skin type, hair coarseness and hair colour and recommend an ideal treatment plan.

Plan to have Glowing, Fresh and Shining Skin for the Rest of Summer

Everyone feels better with a plan and you will look better and more confident for the rest of summer, with the easy and natural facial rejuvenation and skin care tips above.

For further information about our personalised rejuvenation treatment plans, contact You By Sia at one of our six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

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