Change the Way You See Your Skin

On a quest for a replenished, brighter complexion? You by Sia is Sydney’s premier cosmetic clinic, backed by world class skin technology and premium treatments that achieve results for a variety of skin concerns.

Since its inception, You By Sia has been dedicated to delivering the very best in advanced skin care solutions. We invite you to visit one of our state of the art clinics to talk to an experienced skin therapist about your unique skin concerns. We will be happy to recommend a customised treatment plan that will work to improve and refresh and regenerate of your skin, starting at its foundation. We have experience improving the appearance of various skin concerns, including pigmentation, ageing, acne, rosacea, inflammation and stretch marks.

Don’t take the risk of surgery or spend all of your savings on unproven lotions and potions that only offer temporary improvement. Consider the benefits of non-invasive, effective treatments and undeniable results.

A glowing complexion starts from the inside out

Our core philosophy is to improve skin concerns from the inside out. We believe in addressing the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms, without the use of harsh exfoliation methods or invasive treatments. Combining advanced delivery technology with a range of carefully formulated cosmeceuticals, we can help deliver active ingredients to the deeper layers of the skin where they are needed most.

Our core treatment schedule

Diminish the appearance of fine lines and minimise the look of blemishes, sunspots and wrinkles with a professional face treatment from You By Sia. Information about each service is available on the treatment pages below:

  • Dermal Sonic Facials
  • Skin Needling
  • Moisture Intensive LED Facial
  • Inside Out Peels
  • Skin Tightening
  • Cosmetic Injectables
  • Pigmentation Removal

Are you ready to feel confident in your own skin?

Contact one of our clinics today and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your concerns and help you on your way to a luminous, refreshed looking complexion.

Our facial services:



If you’re ready to refresh and renew a dull looking complexion, one of our experienced technicians will be happy to recommend a treatment to target your specific concerns. We can effectively combat the appearance of various skin complaints.



You By Sia is proud to offer the most innovative skin needling technology available industry-wide. The Regen Pen is designed to help promote younger looking skin, improving the appearance of fine lines, dull skin and scar tissue. We can’t sing the praises of this skin rejuvenation treatment any louder!



You By Sia are excited to present their new In-House Luxury Moisture Intensive LED Facial Treatment – an intense moisturising treatment to replenish dry, lipid-poor and dehydrated skin.



You By Sia has developed a program of revolutionary facial peels which work to effectively rejuvenate, balance and support the skin from the inside out.



As Sydney’s premier cosmetic clinic, we are constantly developing our service offering to provide clients with the most innovative and effective treatments available. This commitment to world-class cosmetic technology means we are able to achieve incredible, long-term results for our clients.



You By Sia is proud to offer a range of cosmetic injectables that can achieve quick and natural results. Advanced cosmetic relaxers can smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while dermal fillers plump and redefine facial contours. We feel like we’ve discovered the fountain of youth!



Don’t let freckles, age spots or melasma hold you back from looking and feeling your most youthful. If you’ve spent too much time soaking up the sun and are now regretting the discoloured, uneven complexion that stares back at you, You by Sia can help.