Laser Acne Correction

Acne blemished oily skin can be a depressing and confidence BUSTER. Our exclusive Laser Acne Correction offers the most advanced and effective treatment of Acne. It will not only assist with breakouts, but helps to refine large pores, reduce oiliness and blemishes left behind.

Traditional acne treatments may only address the breakouts, but not the marks and scarring left behind as a result. Over the counter and prescribed medications may also clear the breakouts but leave the skin dull, scarred and marked with blemishes and large pores.

Our Acne Laser Correction treatment will assist with all of your skin concerns and results can be seen in a matter of hours to days!.

The best part of all is that there is NO pain or discomfort, No downtime and No need for medication! Our advanced laser results deliver both short term as well as cumulative results over time.

We recommend a treatment course of 4-6 treatments every 2 weeks. Your skin will start to show improvements after just 1-2 treatments. We will also monitor your skins progress with our computerised skin analysis system which will show your skins progress not only on the surface, but within the underlying layers where most of the concerns lie.

We do require you to be using our Clinicals skincare range to ensure your skin heals correctly and prevents any adverse reactions occurring as well as managing your breakouts. Results can be seen within days.

Say goodbye to oily acne skin and hello to healthy, clear and refreshed skin!