The evolutionary alternative to cosmetic surgery and injectable fillers

She’s still the leader and renowned for her reputation in being the woman who put LASER hair removal on the map in Sydney!

Sia Hendry, founder and director of You By Sia, with 3 clinic locations and originally known as Laser By Sia, has advanced her expertise in the laser hair removal industry into the future of Laser Skin treatments. She has an eye for precision and only equips herself with technology and products that deliver on not only what they have proven, but what they guarantee.

Sia’s passion can now be seen through her laser skin treatments, that not only promise results but deliver on them in within hours!

She has dedicated her life to enhancing and changing the future of anti aging though non surgical cosmetic treatments, that result in long term remarkable results, which speak for themselves.

Her unique philosophy in not believing or practising traditional skin treatment methods, such as peels, microdermabrasion and ablative lasers, has led her to discover a new revolutionary way, that she has not only been implemented but has been proven through her many years of experience which has resulted in her delivery of clinical trials and evident photographic results from numerous clients in the past 15 years.

Sia continues to be the leader in LASER treatments across all aspects and can be trusted with your most precious asset, your skin!. Her team are highly trained and work under her constant supervision to ensure you and your skin are not only well taken care of, but maintain that results and expectations she delivers and you deserve!

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