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2014 has been a huge year for makeup sales worldwide, with woman everywhere craving that Kim Kardashian flawless face and those Kylie Jenner plumped up lips, it’s safe to say in 2014 we have all invested in our faces in one way or another. The question is, do we really know what we are applying to our skin on a day to day basis to achieve that seamless finish? The majority of us are blissfully aware of the pore clogging chemicals and preservatives that are found in many mainstream cosmetics.

Many traditional drugstore foundations are a culprit of questionable ingredients, often containing pore clogging chemicals that aside from covering pimples can in fact create more in the process. These formulas are also responsible for the caking of makeup and the un-natural look that many struggle with on a day to day basis.

Mineral makeup products are deemed as being natural and allow your skin to ‘breathe’. They feel lighter on the skin whilst providing plenty of coverage. Mineral makeup ingredients won’t clog the pores or aggravate sensitivity in the skin, meaning they are a good option for acne prone skins and those experiencing Rosacea. Mature skins love minerals for the light diffusing and illuminating properties, meaning fine lines appear softened and pigmentation is camouflaged.

Mineral makeups are generally lower in chemical contents, avoiding ingredients such as parabens, fragrances and synthetic dyes. The Mineral makeup ingredients have been shown to calm eczema and are less likely to cause skin irritation or reactions for people with allergies. They also help absorb excess oils benefitting acne prone skin on teens and adults who struggle with coverage.

Finely milled and beautifully blended with light refracting technology, the You By Sia Mineral makeup Complexion Domes are ideal for all skin types. Whether you want a lightweight or full luscious coverage, our mineral Complexion Domes are designed to illuminate and protect even the most delicate skins. Enriched with vitamins C and E, our foundation is also anti-oxidant rich, which promotes the formation of collagen and leaves the skin moisturised. With added sun protection and calming botanicals, it covers uneven tone and will leave your skin looking flawless from day to night.

The ‘You by Sia’ skincare products are anti-inflammatory and non-destructive, helping to cleanse, revitalise and rebuild your skin to its optimal levels in a gentle manner. Each product is versatile and can suit a wide range of skin tones and necessities.

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