Stay in the game: #manscaping your partner for Spring with laser hair removal

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More men than ever before are enjoying the benefits of manscaping and laser hair removal for personal or professional reasons. You probably know where your partner needs to manscape urgently, and what areas of face and/or body he can make bookings for laser hair removal over time. Manscaping focuses on hair removal on underarms, back, shoulders and chest to make your partner feel more comfortable, confident and ready for Spring at the beach or the office. If your partner is not up to speed with the laser hair removal treatments and procedures involved, then why not help him get in the game for Spring? Read our practical manscaping tips and guidance below for the best laser hair removal and cosmetic teeth whitening in Sydney with You By Sia, Sydney’s complete premiere cosmetic clinic.

Where do you (or your partner) start with manscaping and laser hair removal? With a pre-treatment consultation with your skin specialist

Male skin responds to the basics of having great skin: by drinking lots of water, sleeping routinely and regularly, exercising and maintaining a healthy diet. Even if your partner does adhere to this lifestyle, it is more likely that they may not wear regular skin protection and regularly treat their body to exfoliation and moisturising. This is where you come in: with Spring already here and less clothing being worn, problem skin and hairy areas of your partner’s body may be more visible and in the wrong places too! Their skin may be in need of some advice from a skin specialist or laser hair removal specialist to look its best. If you need some skin specialist support, feel free to contact You by Sia at any of our clinics across Sydney CBD, Bondi, Castle Hill, or St Ives or make your appointment here.


Say goodbye to unsightly hair problems with laser hair removal in Sydney’s CBD

With over ten years’ experience in laser hair reduction, You by Sia offers professional, expert service in unwanted hair removal and treatment. Hair reduction sessions cause little discomfort and are quick to reduce unwanted body hair. Laser uses a concentrated beam of light to target and damage the hair follicle, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. After a few treatment sessions the follicles become weaker, which reduces hair growth and eliminates painful ingrown hairs, providing great results on all areas of the body.

Say goodbye to ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal thins out 15-25% of the hair in every treatment, which means ingrowns shouldn’t occur any more after as little as 2-3 treatments.

  • Do not: expose your skin to the sun before treatment. Frequent exposure to the sun beforehand can lead to burning or skin discolouration.
  • Do: have your skin checked by a professional, as factors such as your medical history, skin type or allergies can impact your suitability for treatment. Make your appointment here.

Laser hair removal on the face

To achieve a silky smooth, confident face, your partner doesn’t need to use a razor every day to shave or maintain hair on his face. Laser hair treatment is also effective in clearing shaving rash and facial ingrowns – great for contouring round the cheeks and jawline so 2-3 days’ worth of stubble looks clean and neat.

You by Sia can help target the upper lip, chin, cheeks, centre of the eyebrows and sides of the face with pain-free laser hair removal treatment. Small areas on the face can be targeted in a matter of minutes and pain is minimised through the use of a Zimmer cooling device. The laser beam will not affect surrounding areas of skin, allowing for precise and contoured treatments on sensitive areas of the face. The amount of sessions required depends on the area targeted and the best idea is to organise a pre-treatment consultation with your nearest You by Sia clinic.

  • Do not: wax or pluck hairs from the treatment area as laser hair removal takes the hair from the roots, so removing the hair will reduce the efficiency of the treatment.
  • Do: Avoid heat in the days following treatment, including sun exposure, long baths and showers, steam baths, saunas and solariums. Apply a post-laser lotion, such as You By Sia’s Dermafade to calm and soothe skin following treatment. Make your appointment here.


Laser Hair Removal on the Body

Your partner will gain more confidence to bare – or show off – his manscaped, hair-free body once unsightly hair is removed. Other treatments such as bleaching, waxing and shaving are short-term and time-consuming for both of you, so why not invest in a professional and more permanent solution such as laser hair removal? Our targeted laser technology uses a beam of light to target hair follicles in your selected area, leaving the surrounding section unaffected. As the follicles become weaker, hair growth lessens and eventuates in smooth, hair free skin. Popular treatment areas include the back, chest and shoulders for men. After a pre-treatment consultation to determine the results you can expect from treatment, your experienced technician will establish your skin type, hair type and the area you wish to target. From there, they can create a customised procedure plan, including the recommended number of treatments for optimum results. The procedure itself is quick and painless with long lasting results that far outweigh traditional hair removal options. You can expect noticeable hair reduction in as little as 8-10 sessions thanks to our world class laser technology.

  • Do not: shave the area prior to treatment – laser hair removal works by targeting each follicle with light to eliminate the hair. After a few treatments the hairs weaken, reduce and minimise the risk of ingrown hairs.
  • Do: wait 4-6 weeks after a wax to begin a Laser Hair Removal course of treatment. Make your appointment here.

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening


Another manscaping treatment to help your partner feel more confident is the You by Sia Cosmetic Teeth Whitening session, where teeth can be brightened by up to nine shades, in as little as two sessions without sensitivity. Keeping teeth in great shape prevents gum disease and other problems, sessions are reasonably priced and remove stains to return teeth to their natural shade, without bleaching.

Do not: eat dark-coloured food for a few weeks after treatment as dark soups, broths and chocolate can stain your teeth and leave a dark residue

Do: brush and floss regularly, standard dental hygiene is still necessary and can help prolong white and shiny teeth. Make your appointment here.

So what are you waiting for?

Manscaping is a perfect way to bring your partner into a confident and carefree frame of mind this Spring. For further information on our Laser Hair Removal or Cosmetic Teeth Whitening at You By Sia contact one of our six facial rejuvenation clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

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