New Year, New You

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New Year, New You! Give Yourself A Makeover
Happy New Year from the You By Sia team!

Make 2015 your year for healthy, gorgeous and glowing skin with our very own New Years’s skin resolutions from skin care expert, Sia Hendry.

Always Cleanse And Moisturise Before Bed
Research shows that the skin repairs itself most effectively at night; you want to put your skin to bed in the best possible care and condition in order for it to repair itself to it’s highest potential. Try cleansing your skin with the You By Sia Gentle Foaming Wash to naturally wash away makeup, dirt and build up from the skin, without over stripping or drying. Follow by applying an appropriate You By Sia PM Serum, depending on your skin type and concern.

Treat Your Face A Little
Skin care resolutions don’t have to be boring, they can be fun and relaxing too! Invest in a Microdermal Facial to wake up your skin, think of it as spring cleaning for your face! Facials can help to stimulate your skin and keep it in tip top shape, making your skin care products more effective.

Be Generous With Sunscreen
We all know the importance of sunscreen in our skin care routine but we can all admit that we are not always consistent with it. Make your resolution to apply sunscreen to your face, neck, chest, hands and any other place which happens to be exposed on the regular. Our Minc – Moisturising Zinc acts as a physical barrier and will assist with protecting and nourishing the skin.

Make Un-Wanted Hair A Thing Of The Past!
Make 2015 the year you wipe out unwanted hair for the long run! Laser Hair Removal treatments will help to leave skin feeling silky smooth and fuzz free!

Say Goodbye Fine Lines And Wrinkles
Have you started seeing fine lines and wrinkles appear on your face? Feel 2015 is the year to do something about it? Cosmetic Injectables such as Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxers are renowned for producing great results and rejuvenating your look without the need for surgery.

Freshen Up Those Pearly Whites
Welcome in the New Year with a big cheesy grin! Nothing says New Year new you like flashy bright smile. Banish any staining caused throughout previous years with our safe and effective Teeth Whitening process.

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