The Secret Weapons You Need in Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation (Part 2)

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By guest blogger @olsonwells

In my previous guest blog, I wrote about how I took advantage of a lunchtime skin rejuvenation package – I knew my skin had some concerns but wasn’t sure how to go about identifying them or what to do or use to fix them.

Here is Part 2 of my experience, as a first-time skin clinic user, on the secret weapons you need in Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation, through my skin rejuvenation treatment at You By Sia, Sydney skin specialists.

In this blog I discuss the Micro Sonic Facial, Bio Light Therapy and Cosmetic Teeth Whitening that I had.

1. The Micro Sonic Facial

As in my first experience at the You By Sia Skin Clinic, the reception staff and whole clinic experience was highly professional, consistent and friendly – really important when you are having treatments done to improve your personal appearance and in sensitive body places!

This time I went out to the clinic at Castle Hill, near Castle Towers, so convenient to me. The Nano Sonic facial, that I had experienced last visit, cleaned my skin like it had never been cleaned before – I found that the skin on my face had visibly improved from being dull and dry to fresher and certainly younger-looking.

I have (had? It isn’t there any more!) rosacea and am 46 with ageing skin, and never really did anything with it apart from using good (and expensive) skin care. After one visit I had people asking me what I had done to my face and one person asked me whether I had enjoyed my holiday!!!!!

So I had been to the clinic two weeks previously and felt it was a good time for a confidence booster. The Micro Sonic facial is a 45 minute treatment that targets the signs of skin ageing caused by the sun, stress, natural ageing and pollution.

This facial felt a little different than the Nano Sonic and although I couldn’t see what was happening to my face, the skin specialist took the time to explain exactly what the process was, and also what ingredients were infusing the deeper layers of my skin (essential vitamins A, E, C and hyaluronic acid amongst other powerful ingredients that work!)

The ultrasonic infusion still had the 58,000 pulses per second cleaning action, which certainly felt like it was deep-cleansing. It wasn’t painful, but a little uncomfortable at certain stages – still, there was no downtime at the end of the session.

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Price: Starts at $89.00
  • Pre Pay (Minimum 3 treatments): $69.00

If you ask me, I think this Facial, or the signature 75 minute Macro Sonic Facial, are the best.

  • Time: 75 minutes
  • Price: Starts at $240 (includes 10 minutes Bio Light)
  • Pre Pay (Minimum 3 treatments): $185.00

The feeling: Cleansed from the inside out, deep skin freshness – my facial skin tightened up after the treatment and looked less saggy around the cheekbones and jowl line.

2. The Bio Light Therapy

The Bio Light Therapy that You By Sia use in their Derma Sonic Facials offers both skin rejuvenation and personal relaxation benefits. I feel that this part of my whole experience was my favourite part – for those of you who are visual, the combination of lights and music is more like an art installation than a specialist experience!

Performed in conjunction with the dermal sonic and infusion aspect of my facial treatment, the skin specialist explained that I was to sit under a bio light lamp for ten minutes so it could improve the appearance of my skin tone and texture.

Zepter Bioptron light machine is German-made. This high-tech treatment uses light-emitting diode (LED) therapy, also known as photodynamic therapy (PDT), and is used in complement with other treatments to fight signs of anti-ageing and acne. I did some research after the treatment because it was so fascinating. It was a bit bright for my sensitive eyes so they gave me goggles to wear, settled me into the pleasant light and left me to relax for ten minutes.

The equipment that is used at You By Sia is medical grade, the same equipment that is used on burn victims at Concord Hospital. They take their skin therapy seriously! The specialist explained that different coloured lights, streamed through this Bioptron Light, address different skin conditions.

My skin had rosacea, so a calming violet light was used to tone down the sensitisation. Yes, it worked. Other colours streamed through this light help to heal acne, pigmentation and age spots.

Blue Bio Light Therapy for Acne

Blue light wavelengths target acne bacteria by causing the development of oxygen radicals that kill the bacteria without damaging healthy skin.

Result: Stabilises Sebum production and effectively treat active acne.

Red Bio Light Therapy for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Red light wavelengths help ageing skin to retain healthy healing elements and collagen generation. Also used to reduce oil gland production of cytokines, pro-inflammatory substances believed to promote acne.

Result: Plump, healthy skin and reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

True Bio Light Therapy for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Longer white light wavelengths heal the skin, treat burns, damaged skin and new scars after cosmetic surgery procedures.

Result: Total skin healing.

The feeling: Space age and scientific, but totally refreshing and the results speak for themselves. It is truly the coolest secret weapon in my anti-ageing skin rejuvenation experience, and I am booking in again just do this once more!

3. The Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Session

You By Sia Teeth Before and After Whitening. Oral Care

I had the teeth whitening done straight after the Micro Sonic Facial and Bio Light Therapy. By this time I was feeling very pampered and more confident in my appearance.

Before my teeth whitening I was advised by the You By Sia receptionist that any holes in my teeth were required to be fixed. Although I hadn’t budgeted for this, it was a good opportunity to have that out of the way also, so once I had received the OK from my dentist, I booked into the session at You By Sia.

Apparently it can be a little painful if you don’t have your teeth ready for a session, and I am terrified of anything to do with teeth and nerves, so I made sure my experience would be pleasant.

I was not sure whether my teeth could be cosmetically whitened, and everyone’s teeth are different when it comes to the results. The therapist showed me an approximation for how many shades’ difference I could expect, and then the whitening solution was applied and it was back to relaxation time.

I had not taken this amount of time to treat myself in such a long time! You By Sia exclusively uses Bleach Bright, a European whitening agent that is quick, effective and non-invasive. Bleach Bright can assist in diminishing stains and discolouration caused by ageing, smoking and frequent consumption of red wine, coffee and tea.

Combining carbamide peroxide and an additional natural whitener, this formula penetrates the tooth enamel, effectively oxidising and lifting discolouration. Our clinics use an exclusive photo-pixellated silicone mouth guard and an LED blue light to activate the whitening formula and ensure faster, more effective results.

Forty-five minutes later, I was ready. My teeth lightened by four shades, and looked amazing!

The feeling: My smile is still bright and my self-esteem is stronger knowing that my teeth are not yellow.

The Secret of Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation is Out

I highly recommend the anti-ageing skin specialist treatments and products at You By Sia. Visiting their state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation clinics at three Sydney locations gave me the confidence to not only undergo the treatments, but to continue using the cosmeceutically-formulated skin care products at home – I am still seeing the benefits two months later! My skin is plump, relaxed and rejuvenated.

If you want to improve the appearance of your skin’s tone and texture to have a glowing complexion, do yourself a favour and visit a You By Sia Clinic today – they are professional, know their skin care and can tailor a plan just for your skin.

For further information about You By Sia’s personalised treatment plans, contact them at one of six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

Tune in to their Facebook page for the latest deals and promotions or follow on Twitter and Instagram!











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