The Secret Weapons You Need in Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation (Part 1)

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By guest blogger @olsonwells

Recently I took advantage of a lunchtime anti-ageing skin rejuvenation package – I knew my skin had some concerns but wasn’t sure how to go about identifying them or what to do or use to fix them.

Here is Part 1 of my experience, as a first-time skin clinic user, on the secret weapons you need in Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation, through my skin rejuvenation treatment at Sydney skin specialists You By Sia.

In this blog I discuss skin specialists, skin clinics, Facial Skin Analysis, Nano Sonic Facial, Mineral Makeup and an At Home Skin Care Pack.

The Skin Specialist

From the outset the skin specialists I met were knowledgeable, which made me feel I could trust what they were saying. Even better, the process of what they were doing and each stage was explained to me in a direct and scientific manner, with total transparency and great detail. I liked that very much.

Some of the other titles that are used to describe the person doing the treatments are beautician, beauty therapist, clinician, but I think skin specialist is the best term because that is exactly what they were focusing on during my sessions. A bit of pampering, but the focus was mainly on the science of skin and the clinical treatments that a skin specialist offers – and how good your skin can be.

Sia Hendry, the founder and leader of the You By Sia clinics, has a pretty unique philosophy of skin treatment and health. She believes that everything that is done to skin should support the skin from the inside out. That means me, the client, understanding and addressing how diet, stress or lifestyle affect my skin, which can be improved through my effort to change and the treatments and products that You By Sia offers. I didn’t think I had such a bad diet, and have been using good products for years (not mentioning any names but the products were expensive!)

You By Sia aren’t cosmetic surgeons and they didn’t do anything invasive or unnatural to my skin. As a first timer that made me happy, because although I want to look more youthful (I am 46), I don’t want botox or a scalpel near my face.

The Skin Clinic

I attended two clinics (Bondi and Castle Hill) for my treatments and in both instances, the whole process was easy and quick. Busy women will love You By Sia as they can go to any of the clinics across Sydney (there are six: Bondi, Burwood, CBD, Castle Hill, Parramatta and St Ives).

The night before, they texted me to confirm my appointment, and for one of the appointments I was ten minutes late, but they held the spot open for me. I got the feeling they were very busy though, and came ten minutes early for the rest of my appointments!

The reception staff were professional, uniformed and as knowledgeable as the clinic staff. I found this useful as if I was to just drop into the clinic to buy some product, without having to make an appointment, I could ask them questions.

The feeling: All in all, the whole clinic experience was highly professional, consistent and friendly – I wanted to go back just on that basis!

1. The Facial Skin Analysis

I was asked to rest my face into a portal that scanned my skin and identified skin concerns from the top layer through to the deeper layers. The skin specialist then gave me a printout of my skin and explained the different results – she was very easy to understand and although looking at my skin issues was slightly weird, I couldn’t stop looking!

My face suffers from rosacea, but I never knew that it was so bad! The visual that the skin specialist gave me identified the six areas of analysis and how far along the conditions were. So, for example, I didn’t have many fine lines and wrinkles (shown in green over my face map), but the UV damage was more prominent, so it came up as grey areas on my skin.


The great part of this process is that you get to take the analysis home and examine it later. This helped me to make some decisions around what I also wanted to get from the skin treatments on offer.

The feeling: informed – now I really knew what was going on under my skin!

2. The Nano Sonic Facial

The Nano Sonic Facial is an excellent introduction into how clean your skin can feel after a combination of (in their words) Ultrasonic cleansing, a skin refining mask, clinical product infusion and skin plumping and lifting.

You lie on a table and the skin specialist uses a pulsing metal spatula to spray something watery over small sections of the face. My skin specialist explained that the Nano Sonic tool pulses approximately 58,000 times per second, and this electric wave helps to plump and lift your skin. It isn’t painful and there is no downtime – I had it in my lunch hour and still had time for lunch!

When she was gliding the metal spatula over my face, images of a lawn sprinkler came to mind, but it was a very refreshing treatment with lots of active vitamins added to my skin through the infusion process.

The benefit of this process is that these vitamins are delivered straight into the deeper layers of skin via lipids formulated to mimic good skin qualities (like anti-oxidant cells that fight free radical cells).

My skin ‘reads’ the vitamins and thinking that they are the same as the healthy ones already there, lets them in – like a well-dressed person getting into a nightclub, my skin definitely got the A-grade celebrity treatment with this facial! Treatment details are below:

  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Price: Starts at $89.00
  • Pre Pay (Minimum 3 treatments): $69.00

The feeling: total skin rejuvenation, I felt ten years younger. Really.

3. The Mineral Makeup Session

I already used mineral makeup, but after my Nano Sonic Facial Treatment my skin specialist demonstrated some of their mineral makeup range of Concealer, Loose Powder and Blush. She explained the benefits and I did buy some Masqued concealer, which I am now using every day instead of powder (I don’t use foundation).

The feeling: relief. Usually mineral makeup made my skin either itch or look a strange colour. Masqued comes in rainbow colours (see below) and applied to the face, looks a little light at first but then changes colour to exactly match your skin tone – without the redness. Incredible! Buy Now



4. The “Get Me Started” Skin Care Home Pack

To wrap up my second session my skin specialist gave me a set of cleanser, day moisturiser, sunblock and night serum products to try out. She advised me to stop using other products to check the results of the treatment plan, and did. I used the other products on my body, but gave the You By Sia ones a proper chance to work – and the difference it made to my skin is incredible. The clinic treatments are so good I want to do them every week – but the products I am using at home I can use every day, in one minute as part of my morning or evening routine.



I was given the following in a lovely clear plastic and silver bathroom bag, together with gauze for application:

  • Delicate Clenz: Normal-sensitive face cleanser that reacts with water to deep cleanse pollution, excess oil and makeup from the face, morning and night. The product comes in an airless pump pack that when the liquid combines with water, creates an active vitamin infusion and cleanser. Price: $70.00
  • Shift AM: This daytime serum brightens the appearance of pigmented skin – or in other words, ageing skin that has had sun exposure like mine! I have to say, when I opened the airless bottle this morning and saw that not a speck of the serum was left, I was upset. But then it made me think that the bottle design was very effective, as it used every last speck of serum to go onto my face, with no wastage. That’s smart. Price: $145.00
  • Shift PM: When I sleep this night-time serum works at getting rid of dark spots and hyper pigmentation, as well as delivering active vitamins and hydration to the deeper layers of skin. Price: $155.00
  • MINC: uses 20% zinc to block the sun from further damage of your face (but feels light) and at the same time, hydrates and delivers antioxidant vitamins like Vitamin E, Jojoba and Green Tea Extract into the skin. This is a cosmeceutical-grade moisturiser, so it is more powerful than anything you get on the supermarket shelf. Price: $80.00

The feeling: supported – I now had products that I could rely on at home, every day and night. Until it ran out!

Part 2 of your Secret Weapons for Anti-Ageing Skin Rejuvenation is Coming…

I have to say, my first clinic visit was a total surprise. You read about beauty products and treatments all the time but this first visit of mine to You By Sia produced immediate results – and ongoing results that could be achieved from home.

Their products are not comparable to the ones you get down the road at the chemist – they are cosmeceutically-formulated, which means that they are good for both skin health and skin beauty.

Their skin care-infused makeup extends the benefits of the treatments and products – I felt so confident walking out that clinic door, which is why I am blogging about my experience to you.

Part 2 is coming up next – tune in next week to read about the bio-light therapy and other treatments I experienced!

For further information about You By Sia’s personalised treatment plans, contact them at one of six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

Tune in to their Facebook page for the latest deals and promotions or follow on Twitter and Instagram!










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