Spring Laser Hair Removal Treatment for Men and Women

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The sun is shining and it is time to book in your hair management – or more specifically, your laser hair removal treatment.

Why should you invest in a treatment at a skin specialist when there are so many at-home solutions available from the supermarket?

Because by doing this, you will get it done (first reason) and also, once it is complete, you can enjoy your (his or hers) silky chest, legs, arms or bikini, going into summer. Read on for an explanation of the process and benefits that laser hair removal treatment can offer you via Sydney skin specialists You By Sia.

Laser Hair Removal – it is a Must for Spring

You By Sia Laser Hair Removal Man

Gents – whatever you start with first in laser hair removal, do not do it like this!

Due to heavy hair growth in the wrong areas, you might be nervous to be seen in public during the hotter months of when activities such as swimming and fashionable clothing reveals your body.

Whether you are a man or a woman, body confidence is an attractive attribute, so hair management is a must for spring and summer in Australia.

FAQ – Laser Hair Removal Treatment


What is laser hair removal treatment?

There are many definitions of laser hair removal treatments, but at You By Sia, experienced Sydney skin specialists, targeted laser technology uses a beam of light to target hair follicles in your selected area, leaving the surrounding section unaffected. As the follicles become weaker, hair growth lessens and eventuates in smooth, hair free skin.

Where can laser hair removal be performed on the body?

Popular treatment areas include the bikini line, legs, and underarms for women, and the back, chest and shoulders for men.

Who is suitable for laser hair removal?

Everyone is a candidate for laser hair removal. However certain areas may not be. That’s why booking in for a complimentary assessment for suitable areas is recommended.

What is the process for laser hair removal treatment?

We’ll start with a pre-treatment consultation to determine the results you can expect from treatment. Your experienced technician will establish your skin type, hair type and the area you wish to target. From there, they can create a customised procedure plan, including the recommended number of treatments for optimum results.

The procedure itself is quick and painless with long lasting results that far outweigh traditional hair removal options like threading, waxing or plucking.

You can expect noticeable hair reduction in as little as 8-10 sessions thanks to our world class laser technology.

Is laser hair removal painful?

No, not compared to waxing. The pain threshold depends on the body area, hair texture, tone of your skin as well as the level of pain you can tolerate naturally. Darker skinned people have more pigment in their skin and hair and are sensitive because of this. Coarse, dark hair is also more painful to remove but with each treatment the hair becomes lighter and thinner, reducing the pain element. So it gets easier!

Is laser hair removal treatment cost-effective?

In the short-term, waxing and bleaching are cheaper than laser hair removal treatment, but in the long-term is cost-effective in terms of both price, time AND your skin health. Years of shaving, waxing, plucking and bleaching can take their toll, and if you have unsightly hair problems, you know that these methods are temporary at best.

What is the cost of laser hair removal on the body?

The overall cost of treatment depends on many factors including the amount of sessions required and the area that is being targeted. This can vary from person to person, although results can usually be achieved within approximately 10 sessions. Contact us today to arrange a complimentary consultation with one of our friendly, trained technicians. This will allow us to establish your skin type, hair coarseness and hair colour and recommend an ideal treatment plan.

Read Laser Hair Removal Body Price List

Smooth, silky legs – or chest – what are you waiting for?

Investing in a permanent hair removal solution will give you peace of mind and lovely, smooth skin. The first step to a hair-free future is to make a booking for laser hair removal treatment at Sydney’s best skin specialists, You By Sia. What are you waiting for?

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