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At Home Skincare

At Home Skincare is a hot topic in the beauty industry and as global sales of skincare are expected to reach $130 billion by 2019, it is reasonable to expect that there are At Home skincare products and luxury facial treatments that work to combat skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne, pigmentation and sun damage.

Here are some of the options on offer to help you promote a glowing, radiant and youthful complexion through the upcoming festive season

You may have little time to complete your daily morning and evening skincare routine, let alone give your skin the facial treatments it deserves at a skin specialist clinic.

At Home Skincare literally is just that: the skincare products and facial treatments that you can use at home to maximise the benefits of your skincare products and routines that you use daily, weekly or occasionally on your skin.

When testing new beauty products and treatments, it is best to whittle down your existing products and introduce a new product at a time, building to the full range of the particular brand you are now using. This is a more cost-effective approach and also more gradual introduction of products to your skin.

However, you can measure the improvement on your skin by changing all of the basic skincare products at once, and then adding more at home skincare as your skin – or your skin specialist – lets you know what is needed.

Do make an appointment regularly with your skin specialist as, even if you are using their skincare products at home, your skin will still require intermittent clinic care and facial, laser hair removal or more intensive skin rejuvenation treatments for an optimal glow.

You By Sia has made available a range of At Home Skincare options, skincare product combinations of sunblocks/UV protection, AM/PM Serums, pigmentation serums through to handheld devices, all of which you can use in the privacy of your own home to combat ageing of your skin. There is also a full range of in-clinic facial treatments that complement At Home Skincare Products.

Skincare Products: the Basics

Cleanse, tone and moisturise: this is the mantra that we have always been taught from young teen age and up. This mantra has changed somewhat with the great hole in the ozone layer, technical developments in beauty products and how we see our skincare.

Skincare products are an important factor in the smoothness and overall glow of your complexion.

Sia Hendry, founder and skin specialist at You By Sia, believes that there are a few simple, basic steps to support skincare products in an At Home skincare routine to achieve radiant skin:

Understanding your skin with a Computerised Skin Analysis

Sia believes that every regime should start with a thorough skin analysis – focusing on the skin’s structure and anatomy, looking past the surface layers to understand how treatments can be improved for better results.

You By Sia’s facial skin analysis system provides a unique view into the deeper layers of the skin to identify problem areas which are not visible by the naked eye. Measuring facial skin conditions such as pigmentation, texture, wrinkles and pores, in way never done before in the skincare industry. This skin complexion analysis system applies multi-spectral imaging giving a clear multi-dimensional portrait of specific aspects of your complexion.

Below is a Before & After photo using the facial analysis system with Michelle, who turned to You by Sia after suffering from severe acne, inflammation and infection on her face.

You By Sia michelle-before-after

Michelle was reacting negatively to the products she had been applying, which contained both benzoyl peroxide and glycolic acid. You By Sia recommended an advanced cosmeceutical regime and a peel infusion, which improved the condition of her skin. These results were achieved in just six weeks. Treatment also normalised the oil production level of Michelle’s skin and she reported less frequent breakouts and an overall improvement in skin condition following treatment.

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Cleansing your skin with a daily antioxidant cleanser

Strip away dirt without stripping away your skin – as makeup removal and as part of your skincare routine, wash morning and night with Clinicals Clenz before applying serums or moisturisers. The core of an effective, simple skin care routine. Size: 200ml Price: $79

Clinicals Clenz Hydrating Antioxidant Facial Cleansing Foam

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Boosting your skin with an appropriate day and night serum combination

Serums are all killer and no filler, containing the highest concentration of active ingredients that you can get without a prescription. For this reason it is beneficial to give your skin the best chance of protection during the day activities and repair through the night as you sleep, with a serum boost. See You By Sia’s range of AM Serums and PM Serums, matched together for various skin concerns such as sensitive, dry or pigmented skin.

Blocking UV sun damage with MINC Natural Moisturising Zinc Sunblock 20%

If you have ever tried to find a sunblock, not a sunscreen, in your local supermarket or chemist, you will know that it is a luxury product in the eyes of most retail chains.

The difference between a sunscreen and a sunblock is that the screen blocks UVA/UVB sunrays by dispersing a chemical protector into your skin, which can clog your skin’s pores and cause adverse reactions to the sunscreen, like rashes and irritations. A sunblock sits on top of the skin and deflects the sunrays from that layer of your skin, holding in moisture and avoiding skin irritations.

You By Sia recommends Clinicals MINC Natural Moisturising Zinc Sunblock 20%, a natural sunblock that nourishes your skin at the same time as protecting it. MINC is a lightweight, antioxidant sunblock offering broad spectrum (UVA and UVB protection) benefits in one airless, cosmetically-designed pump dispenser.

Clinicals Minc Natural Moisturising Zinc Sunblock Box Pack Front

Formulated with a combination of effective antioxidants and high-strength Zinc, MINC provides moisturising hydration and anti-ageing sun protection. For serious skincare protection in a simple skin care routine. Size: 50ml Price: $89

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Correcting blotchy, age spotted or pigmented skin: try in-Clinic Laser Treatment with At Home Skincare

You By Sia pigmentation

Sun exposure in Australia is the primary contributor to excess pigmentation (which includes freckles, age spots or melasma).

You By Sia uses a combination of laser technology and active cosmeceuticals to address visible hyperpigmentation on the face, leaving you with a clearer, more even looking complexion.

Our state-of-the-art laser technology is designed to target the appearance of darkened lesions, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Laser pulses quickly heat the pigment, causing it to crust at the surface. In the days following treatment, freckles, sun spots and melasma will begin to graze over and shed.

However, at-home preparation is key to a successful treatment, by preparing your skin with the recommended pre-treatment serums, formulated to begin weakening and breaking down pigment.

For best and longer-term results, continue using the recommended You By Sia products as these serums have been specially formulated to help prevent pigment from re-surfacing and to assist with wound repair.

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Handheld devices

Having the opportunity to provide clinic or salon-level beauty treatments in the comfort of your home is becoming more available. Tools using laser or light technology to clean the face and body are increasingly available in handheld devices.

At Home Skincare is a daily practice that will pay off with time and effort – why not ask for advice on how to start or refine yours now?

For more information, please contact You By Sia at one of our skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Castle Hill, and Bondi Junction.

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