What To Look For In an Honest Mineral Sunscreen

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Your skin needs defence against the sun’s harmful UV rays all year round. You already know the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens (short answer: mineral sunscreens use natural compounds to physically block out UV rays, and don’t irritate or absorb into the skin), but the question is – what active ingredients should you be looking out for, and how much is needed to your mineral sunscreen to be effective?

With so many brands of mineral sunscreen in the market, and a certain celebrity controversy around ‘how much is enough’ of an active ingredient, it’s important that you know what to look for on the back of the bottle:

Zinc Oxide

Zinc oxide is the most popular ingredient in mineral sunscreens. It acts as a physical barrier, helping to block harmful UV rays from reaching your skin. Zinc oxide is considered a much gentler form of protection – ideal if you have sensitive or acne prone skin. This mineral compound is a natural substance, so it’s less likely to irritate the skin like chemicals ingredients often do. Zinc oxide has been known to encourage the shrinkage of pimples and the reduction of sebum. For your mineral sunscreen to be effective, your product must contain at least 20% zinc oxide.

Titanium Dioxide

Titanium dioxide is another physical active ingredient that helps protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Although titanium dioxide does not rank as highly for UVA protection compared to zinc oxide, there are only small differences between the two. When combined together in one formula, you have a match made in sun protection heaven.

 Jojoba Oil

Recognised for its natural SPF4, jojoba oil has several medicinal properties. It is very effective in treating dry skin and it contains myristic acid, which gives your skin a very small but supportive amount of sun protection. Jojoba oil alone should never be relied on for providing you with complete sun protection, but when combined with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – it’s an excellent combo.

At You By Sia, we offer Minc – a cosmeceutical-grade zinc moisturiser, designed to provide skin with hydration and protection from the harmful, drying effects of the sun. It’s formulated with 20% zinc and potent antioxidants like jojoba, green tea, gingko and grape seed extracts. Our lightweight, non-comedogenic lotion creates a physical barrier against UV damage and promotes healthy, supple looking skin.

For more information about sun protection contact one of our six clinics based in Burwood, Parramatta, Sydney CBD, Bondi Junction, St Ives & Castle Hill.

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