Why Pigmentation Removal should be done in Winter

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How Pigmentation Removal gives you clearer, brighter skin

At the Fountain of Youth all the signs point to the skin department: if you feel that you are ageing, chances are that it is an uneven skin tone, rather than anything like dark spots, age spots or sunspots, that is making you feel like this.

Pigmentation in the skin can look like brown patches on your hands, face, neck and shoulders. In fact, it can occur anywhere on the body depending on the trigger elements that caused it to happen when you were a child (see our sister blog at Baby By Sia for How to Understand Childhood Skin Problems).

Now that Winter has really landed (hasn’t it been freezing this last couple of weeks?) the perfect time to undertake a pigmentation removal treatment series is here: you are not out in the sun as much as you might be in spring and summer, and you are wearing more protective clothing (than a bikini, that is!).

What causes pigmentation

Pigmentation mainly occurs when an excess of UVA rays stimulate your pigment cells and cause melanin to be manufactured. You see it as a tan appearing on the skin (or sunburn) but this also causes unwanted dark patches to appear.

Skin specialist expert and You By Sia founder, Sia Hendry explains that sun exposure is the primary contributor to excess pigmentation. As UV rays penetrate down into the skin, the body releases melanin to cover and protect the cells. With continued exposure melanin production can go in to overdrive, resulting in clustered pigment, otherwise known as freckles, sun spots and age spots. Pigmentation issues can also follow trauma to the skin, pregnancy or hormone imbalances. Whatever the cause, pigmentation is detrimental to your skin.

Pigmentation treatments are getting better and better

In the past treatment for pigmentation removal was a hit-or-miss affair, with sub-standard laser treatment that let clients down by not working, or with prescription strength bleaching creams that contained mercury: reading the labels on your beauty products definitely paid in these cases!

The best pigmentation treatment you can have is to not have it: protecting your skin from UVA and UVB rays will halt the damage already done from your lifetime exposure to the sun (and living in Australia, it is a permanent risk). But since you probably did not know this as a child, then treating the dark patches that are visible or will appear in time, is your next best bet. Working with an experienced pigmentation removal clinic is the recommendation that we make at You By Sia skin specialists, because you can formulate a plan based on scientific skin analysis and cosmeceutical treatments to realise more evenly-toned, glowingly fresh complexion.

Pigmentation treatment with You By Sia

What does treatment involve?

You By Sia uses a combination of laser technology and active cosmeceuticals to address visible hyperpigmentation on the face, leaving you with a clearer, more even looking complexion.

Our state-of-the-art laser technology is designed to target the appearance of darkened lesions, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. Laser pulses quickly heat the pigment, causing it to crust at the surface. In the days following treatment, freckles, sun spots and melasma will begin to graze over and shed.

It’s important to note that not all skin types are suitable for laser treatments. Post-inflammatory pigmentation is more difficult to address and is not suitable for treatment with laser. This form of pigmentation is caused by trauma and can be diminished with You by Sia’s specially formulated pigment inhibitor serum.

Is my skin suitable for laser pigmentation removal?

There are many different triggers determining how pigmentation is formed, released and carried through varying skin types. As such, suitability for laser is determined based on skin colour, and typically we will be unable to treat individuals with medium to olive skin tone, or darker. During a pre-treatment consultation we can establish a program which will be most suited to your skin.

How many sessions will I require?

For the face, optimum results can be achieved in two treatments, spaced two weeks apart. For body treatments, three to four treatments are required, three weeks apart.

What do I need to know before the procedure?

Your laser technician will give you all the information you need to prepare for your session. Some important points to remember:

  • Avoid sun exposure or solarium use for at least four weeks preceding treatment
  • Prep your skin with the recommended You by Sia treatment serums – these have been formulated to kick start the pigment fighting process
  • Do not apply fake tan or wax the treatment area in the two weeks before treatment

What do I need to know after the procedure?

There are a few important steps to remember following treatment:

  • Continue using the recommended You by Sia pigment treatment serums, as these will continue to feed the skin and assist with wound repair
  • Limit sun exposure as skin will be more sensitive to UV damage
  • Ensure skin is always protected with SPF while outside

Start now in Winter to improve your skin tone with pigmentation removal treatment

Winter is the best time to undertake a pigmentation removal treatment and you can achieve results even starting in June – contact a You by Sia clinic to arrange a complimentary consultation for pigmentation removal today.

We’ll be happy to customise a treatment plan that achieves incredible results for your individual skin type. Glowing, youthful looking skin is closer than you know!

For further information about our personalised rejuvenation treatment plans, contact You By Sia at one of our six skin specialist clinics based in Sydney CBD, Parramatta, Burwood, Castle Hill, Bondi Junction and St. Ives.

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