Why You Should Switch To Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare

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From the ages of 0 to 100 it is vitally import to look after your skin from head to toe, acting as a shield and protector to the rest of your body and organs, the skin is not one to be taken lightly or to scrimp on.

Pharmaceutical-Grade Skincare is generally recommended by Dermatologist’s or highly trained skincare professionals such as ourselves, in qualified Medi-Spa’s. This high calibre of skincare is primarily recognised for it’s high strength and active ingredients.

We all strive to have glowing beautiful skin without the need for makeup, but for many of us this is a dream rather than reality, due to many lifestyle and environmental factors. Finding effective facial skin care products can be a frustrating and confusing experience, with so many skin concerns and over the counter products available, each promising you the best results, it can be troublesome finding one that really delivers. Facial skincare products are available in various grades determined by the quality, safety and effectiveness of the ingredients. Pharmaceutical grade product is the highest grade possible.

The You By Sia Pharmaceutical grade range promises the highest quality for optimal penetration and results, these tubs of goodness are also known to work wonders after many of our popular skin treatments, such as the Inside Out Peel and Pigmentation Laser Treatment, enhancing results and speeding up healing times.

The entire You By Sia range combines nature with science, as you will notice on many of the ingredients we infuse many of our products with natural fruit extracts, anti-oxidents and amino acids which provid nutrition and conditioning to the skin.

For a full skin consultation and professional product recommendation for your skin, pop into one of our Sydney clinics today where one of our friendly team members can talk your through the range, your skin concerns and develop a personalised skin care regime just for you.

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